As the show begins, the sports bar quiets with anticipation. The bartender turns up the volume on the giant screens liberally distributed throughout the venue. A large tiefling with long black hair, and bright green eyes, dressed snappily in an expensive suit, is already speaking.

“Greetings, greetings ardent viewers! For those who have been with us, once more, dear friends, into the breach! For you newcomers, it is I, ”/characters/maezar-soulthorn" class=“wiki-content-link”>Maezar Soulthorn, your intrepid announcer! And what shall you expect to see this season?

Fabulous prizes! Cars, wealth, and a year’s supply of furniture wax! All of these – and much, much more – can be yours… if you survive. Of course, you are going to have to kill the monsters to get the treasure, and you aren’t the crowd favorite today, and the cameras are very unforgiving. But there are no second takes, and if you die… YOU DIE!

Xcrawl is a sport and the challenges are created, but the danger is no less real. If you die, you die. There are no second chances. Citizens of the Dragon Empire tune in every week to watch their favorite celebrities get eaten, paralyzed, turned to stone, and ripped apart. The empire’s hunger for blood and mayhem grows with every contest."

(text partially borrowed from the official XCrawl publisher blurb)

Major League Teams:

The Raptors
Kelroth Carnen “Lach” – Male Elf Wizard – Team Captain
Eqximiye Carlack – Female Elf Wizard
Y’Draesk R’rgeln’ev – Male Elf Fighter (werewolf)
Thangil Elendu – Male Elf Ranger
Erenion Narbelmire – Male Elf Cleric
Cyren Autumnleaf Relton – Female Halfling Cleric/Rogue
Alternate 1 – Corin Keystone – Male Dwarf Fighter – Second Team Captain
Alternate 2 – Fo’Wyn Tiranyaare – Male Elf Cleric
Alternate 3 – Raelyth Amaruathruil – Female Elf Fighter
Alternate 4 – Lorain Arosian – Female Human Sorcerer
Alternate 5 – Luthariel Narbelmire – Male Elf Fighter
Alternate 6 – Gabriel – Male Elf Ranger

The Shards
Yestamir Carnen – Male Elf Psion – Team Captain
Umbrecrom Ironrage – Male Stonechild Barbarian
Pr’Gillis – Male Half Dragon Monk
Quingle Gemshadow – Male Gnome Sorcerer
Nique Helin – Female Elf Druid
Fadriewien Isarania – Female Elf Rogue/Wizard
Alternate 1 – Juniper of the Grey – Female – Second Team Captain
Alternate 2 – Thohand “Handy” Hollysword –
Alternate 3 – Penney Eyebright – Female Halfling Cleric
Alternate 4 – Lonnel Morawie – Male Elf Rogue
Alternate 5 – Mavou – Male Elf Rogue
Alternate 6 – Whetsar Lightfoot – Male Half Elf Cleric

Morgan’s Last Chancers
Milo “Big Smile” Argos – Male Human Fighter – Team Captain
Osa “Medusa” Stenton – Female Human Fighter
Valentina “Queen Slayer” Dawn – Female Human Wizard
Erland “White Hand” Breakson – Male Elf Rouge
Agathon “The Abbot of Anger” Matox – Male Human Cleric (Mars)
Peregrine “Fire Hawk” Forest Walker – Male Half Elf Wizard
Alternate 1 – Brenna “Silver Eyes” Shining Moon – Female Elf Fighter – Second Team Captain
Alternate 2 – Vago “The Man Eater” Erloch – Male Half-Orc Fighter
Alternate 3 – Danni “Deep Pockets” Underhome – Female Gnome Rouge
Alternate 4 – Andrea “Big Mountains” Simpson – Female Human Rouge
Alternate 5 – Antonio “Deep Water” Scarpeti – Male Human Cleric (Neptune)
Alternate 6 – Keith “One Last Shot” Oberman – Male Human Wizard

Tanar’ri Bay Titans
Aldworth “Pack Mule” Dentmore – Male Human Fighter – Team Captain
Gwyn “Gorgan” Stenton – Male Human Fighter
Trin “Armor Bane” Langfirth – Female Human Wizard
Cronyn “Small Heart” Berryhill – Male Halfling Rouge
Damian “The Devil Bear” Berkley – Male Human Cleric (Apollo)
Tran “Pale Dawn” Langfirth – Female Human Wizard
Alternate 1 – Terrance “Old School” DeRuc – Male Human Fighter – Second Team Captain
Alternate 2 – Argo “The Dark Horse” Deepmine – Male Dwarf Fighter
Alternate 3 – Wanda “Dragon Hand” Salworth – Female Half-Elf Rouge
Alternate 4 – Selwin “The Bookworm” Bookington – Male Human Wizard
Alternate 5 – Amanda “Crimson Mist” Vaughn – Female Human Wizard
Alternate 6 – Unther “Ice Man” Wentworth – Male Human Cleric (Apollo)

Natural Disasters
Hilary “Fault Line” Fontaine – Female Human Fighter – Team Captain
Kromar “Thwack” Kang – Male Half-Orc Fighter
Simon “The Saint” Templar – Male Human Rouge
Sam “Fire Break” Slone – Male Human Cleric (Fortuna)
Jack “Jester” Crey – Human Male Cleric (Mercury)
Tomas “Sparky” Green Leaf – Half-Elf Male Wizard
Alternate 1 – Darvin “The Dauntless” Hammer Hill – Male Dwarf Fighter
Alternate 2 – Salvatore “The Don” Domingo – Male Human Fighter
Alternate 3 – Carole “White Water” Vincent – Female Human Evoker
Alternate 4 – Donald “Corsair” Lighton – Male Human Rouge
Alternate 5 – Nathan “Slammer” Hard Iron Male Dwarf Clerics (Vulcan) – Second Team Captain
Alternate 6 – Hanson “Wither” Arrington – Male Human Wizard

Raiders of the Shining Secrets
Wayne “Rock” Tompson – Male Human Fighter – Team Captain
Terry “Red” Nightingale – Male Elf Monk
Vivian “Ms. Right Now” Allison – Female Human Cleric (Venus)
Walter “Boom Boom” Bloomington – Male Elf Wizard
Jerry “What Lock?” Ferngulch – Male Halfling Rouge
Sammal “Heart of Glass” Mortenson – Male Human Cleric (Cupid)
Alternate 1 – Dustan “Gentle Giant” Lang – Male Human Ranger – Second Team Captain
Alternate 2 – Robert “Light Bearer” Jerik – Male Elf Paladin (Jupiter)
Alternate 3 – David “Hop Scotch” Faber – Male Human Rouge
Alternate 4 – Rene “Light Touch” Patterson – Female Half-Elf Cleric (Juno)
Alternate 5 – Mike “Sand Storm” Sansom – Male Human Wizard
Alternate 6 – Wendy “White Fire” Waldoc – Female Human Wizard

Regional League Teams:

Death from Above
Ravish, Kill, and Pillage, Esq.
Mithril Mayhem
Shitfaced and Ready for Action
T Minus Ten
Magic is for Pussies
The Rolling Twenties
Looking for Ones in All the Wrong Places
Five Foot Stomp
Critical Pit
The Group Formerly Known as Prince
The War of Northern Aggression

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