Vessel Registry


Private Civilian Vessels

CRY Resilient Reparation (Civilian Racing Yacht)
CLT Khanniption Fit (Civilian Light Transport)
KVinn Dron (Dwarven Factory Ship)
Dark Thrasher (Known Pirate Vessel)
Nature Abhors a Vacuum (Known Pirate Vessel)

Military Vessels

Royal Exploratory Service
RES Acute Ataraxia
RES Goliath
RES Karma’s Thunder
RES Lucidity
RES Lucky Antagonist
RES Problem Child
RES Rapture’s Fire
RES Sibling Rivalry
RES Speaks Softly
RES-HS Tranquility (Hospital Ship)
RES Valhalla Rising
Imperial Legion Naval Vessel
ILNV EsmerLD 44217A Thirsty for Vengeance
ILNV EsmerLD 44217B Hungry for Vengeance
ILNV EsmerLD 44217C Lust for Vengeance

Merchant Vessels

MHT-Gevise Paramour (Merchant House Trader)
MHT-Gevise Courtesan
MHT-Gevise Market Explorer
MHT-Gevise Ardent Capitalist
MSV Harlequin (Merchant Space Vehicle)
MSV He Got The House
MSV Invictus

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Vessel Registry

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