The Trickster

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Spheres: Chaos, Deceit, Fate, Knowledge, Magic
Symbol: A fool’s scepter

The Trickster is the complex and sometimes seemingly contradictory god of thieves, mischief, comedy, Illusion, and secrets both hidden and revealed. He is the patron of cruel humor and biting wit but also of children, laughter, and games.

The Trickster has a reputation as a thief and deceiver, but his pranks and heists often benefit mortals in the traditions of many cultures. In many mythic stories, the Trickster steals things from the gods – such as fire, food, or the sun and moon – and gives them to mortals. These traditions present the Trickster as a fundamentally unpredictable and whimsical god: His actions may be cruel and even evil, or they may just seem that way because mortals cannot see things as he does.

In the mainstream society of the Dragon Empire, clerics of the Trickster emphasize their god’s dominion over comedy and good fortune. This Trickster is often the patron of bards, gamblers, and others who live by their wits. Darker sects focus on the Trickster’s other face. These clerics are the keepers of dark secrets, thieves in the shadows, and the masters of ill fortune.

The Trickster is often depicted as a humanoid figure of uncertain sex and race. The god’s features and usually obscured by a mask, often one with two faces. The Trickster sometimes appears in the jester’s motley, but he may just as easily assume the form of a coyote, fox, raven, or other animal. The Trickster is a shapeshifter and illusionist and one can never be certain what form he will take.

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The Trickster

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