The Star League

Over the centuries, the peoples of Aranal and Irindul III carefully explored the star systems closest to them, gradually expanding their reach farther into the void. Inevitably, they encountered other inhabited worlds and slowly inducted them into their growing community. When this community had grown large enough, they formed an umbrella government to peacefully administrate the many competing nations and worlds. This interstellar organization was called the Star League, and it was based in large part on the institutional and legal structure of the now-venerable Forongorn Confederation. Each world was allowed a great deal of autonomy, as long as it respected the rights and interests of the other member planets.

Usually, contact and assimilation of new worlds occurred without incident, but on occasion, weapons were fired in anger and blood was shed. While the children of the gods had left the worlds of their birth behind, they’d inevitably brought aggression, greed, and prejudice along with them. Fortunately, these conflicts were always contained to relatively small regions and were never allowed to engulf the whole Star League.

As a general rule, the people of newly contacted planets were pleased with the development. There was often a necessary period of adjustment, bit the benefits of advanced technological civilization were a powerful incentive to peaceful integration. Within a few centuries, the Star League encompassed dozens of inhabited worlds and stretched hundreds of light years from its historical center in the Gulinar system. This was the Star League’s golden age, and like all such eras, it was destined to come to an end.

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The Star League

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