The Smith

Alignment: Neutral
Spheres: Fire, Knowledge, Magic, Strength, Water
Symbol: An anvil

The Smith is the god of crafts, technology, and the physical sciences. He is the master of technical knowledge and practical magic. In the Dragon Empire, technology touches the lives of almost everyone, and the Smith is one of the most respected and revered deities in the Great Pantheon.

The Smith’s worshipers are scientists, engineers, technicians, miners, craftsmen, architects, and others who build, repair, design, or use devices of all varieties. Spellcasters make offerings to him when they craft magic items, and the prayers of a soldier before battle often go to the Warrior to guide his aim, and then to the Smith to bless his gun. The Smith is often the patron deity of pilots, and he is the most commonly worshiped god among those who live and work in deep space.

In the Dragon Empire, the Smith usually appears as a male dwarf wielding a great hammer. His hair is long, red and braided, and he wears a soot-stained blacksmith’s apron and thick leather gloves. Even in human cultures, the Smith generally shares the coarse hair, eyebrows, and beard, and the stocky, heavily muscled frame that are common characteristics of dwarves.

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The Smith

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