The Reaper

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Spheres: Death, Deceit, Earth, Evil, Law
Symbol: A humanoid skull

The Reaper is the embodiment of death. In some cultures, he is the neutral and impartial keeper of the afterlife, to be feared and respected but not hated. In the Dragon Empire, however, he is also the god of murder, the bringer of doom, and the king of the undead.

Most mortals honor the Reaper, but few actually worship him. They offer prayers for the souls of loved ones who have passed but otherwise strive to avoid the Reaper’s empty gaze. The death god’s rare and secretive followers are drawn from the ranks of necromancers, killers, and the undead. Some pray to the Reaper to grant them the power of his dark realm, while others honor him in a desperate effort to elude his cold grasp just a little longer.

The Reaper’s lawful neutral clerics – those who interact openly with mainstream society – honor the dead and provide comfort to the bereaved in their time of grief. Evil clerics of the Reaper are usually reclusive and disorganized, either practicing their dark religion in isolation or forming secretive death cults that haunt the streets of the great cities at night.

The Reaper is commonly depicted as a bleached-white skeleton wrapped in a voluminous robe of impenetrable black. He wields a great scythe that severs souls from their mortal bodies.

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The Reaper

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