The Mother

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Spheres: Beast, Good, Earth, Protection, Plant
Symbol: A crescent moon

The Mother is the deitype of life. While the Father created the universe, all living things originate with the Mother. She is the personification of nature in all its aspects, from the untouched wilderness to the fiery hearts of stars. She is the patron of mothers and motherhood, and the goddess of fertility and healing.

The Mother is worshiped by women throughout the Dragon Empire. She is also honored by those who make their living from the land or in the wilderness, especially on the Outlands frontier. She is the lady of gardens, forests, and animals and is expecially revered among the elves and other races of the ancient woodlands.

The Mother usually appears as a beautiful matron clothed in the colors of the seasons. She is often draped with plants and flowers, or with a shimmering blanket of snow.

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The Mother

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