The Merchant

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Spheres: Deceit, Fate, Knowledge, Law, Wayfare
Symbol: A gold coin

The Merchant is the goddess of commerce, trade, and wealth. She is the goddess of fair contracts and exchanges that benefit both parties, but she is also worshiped by thieves and opportunists. In her gentler aspects, she is the lady of gifts, gift giving, and charity. In many cultures, she is also the traveler and wanderer, the patron of those who journey and explore.

The Merchant is worshiped by traders, entrepreneurs, professionals, smugglers, thieves, corporate executives, and starship captains and crews. Her temples and clerics are often affiliated with commercial enterprises, whether interstellar financial conglomerates or local charities.

The Merchant’s clergy are among the staunchest supporters of free enterprise in the Empire. They are always closely involved in imperial politics, pushing for lower taxes, less severe commercial regulations, and more government assistance for independent entrepreneurs. Their own financial institutions often support these enterprises with low-interest loans for factories or starships and other services.

In the Dragon Empire, the Merchant appears as a young female, usually of human or halfling stock. In different depictions, she may wear rugged traveling clothes, a spacesuit, a business suit, or the expensive fashions of the wealthy elite.

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The Merchant

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