The Insurrection

The Dragon Empire was established 5,000 years ago as a unilateral action of the dragon clans of Asamet and Qesemet. None of the other races and member worlds of the old Star League were consulted. As a courtesy, representatives of King Khelorn asked these worlds and groups for their voluntary support, but it was always clear that submission to the newly formed Empire would not ultimately be optional. Most systems recognized the benefits of an end to the devastating war and membership in a prosperous and secure empire, but many individuals – and even whole worlds – refused to submit to the dragon’s rule. There has therefore been a long tradition of stubborn, if usually quiet, opposition to the Dragon Empire.

This opposition has become louder and more visible in the years since Mezzenbone took the Golden Throne. Many citizens who supported the Empire under the rule of Qesemet have become vocal opponents in the face of five millennia of rule under the evil dragon clans. Dissident groups on many worlds in the Domains of Qesemet have become more outspoken, expressing their opposition to the Dragon Empire and its inequities in the media and in political rallies attended by hundreds or even thousands of like-minded people. Opposition in the Domains of Asamet, where the ISPD operates more freely, is usually more subtle and covert.

Most of the many dissident groups and movements that have formed in the last few decades are organizations of law-abiding citizens whose activities never go beyond impassioned speeches and peaceful demonstrations. Some dissidents, however, have started to take a more active hand in trying to enact change. These rebels are beginning to quietly organize, meeting in secret to plan operations whose ultimate goal is the replacement of the current regime with amore democratic and equitable form of government. On countless worlds, these groups are starting to make contact with each other, and a larger umbrella network is gradually forming. Many groups have ties with legitimate political organizations, and they use these connections to generate funding, gather intelligence, and communicate with each other more freely.

To date, the activities of the fledgling insurrection have been rather modest in scope and objectives, designed primarily to publicize their cause. They publish underground newspapers or maintain radical sites on the InfoNet that speak out against the injustices of the draconic regime. They decorate the walls of public buildings with political graffiti and circulate their propaganda at legitimate rallies and assemblies. They have also begun preparing for more ambitious efforts: making contact with sympathetic dragon lords, purchasing black market weapons and explosives, and training their members in combat and covert operations.

Currently, the insurrection is very loosely organized. It is more a network of independent groups and cells than a single coherent organization. Contact and communication between these cells is growing, however, and a central leadership is beginning to form. Morgan Vestans, a half-human, half-gold dragon from Serenity III has emerged as the charismatic, high-profile spokesman of the insurrection. Vestans turned his back on his draconic heritage and publicly disavowed the Empire, earning instant credibility with radical dissidents who believed that no dragon would ever sacrifice his own status and position in the cause of justice. The young half-dragon has called for the dismantling of the draconic regime with the consent and cooperation of its current masters. Failing that, the people of the galaxy should “come together as a righteous army to tear down the corrupt empire.”

Vestans’ current whereabouts are unknown, but he is believed to be in hiding somewhere in the Domain of Golion.

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The Insurrection

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