The Imperial Courier's League

The Imperial Courier’s League was an elite organization of the Dragon Empire’s best pilots and navigators to deliver the most critical Imperial communiqués and decrees.

For nearly 2000 years, the League was the sole carrier for the Dragon Court. To be a runner for the League was the pinnacle of many pilots’ careers, and the aspiration of many thousands more. But since the dawn of the Red Age, the Courier’s League has slowly lost favor with the Dragon Court, and with it much of the prestige it once enjoyed. Mezzenbone prefers his decrees to travel through other mediums: the ISPD, ansibles, and hushed, frightened whispers.

Today, the League remains active, but is a pale reflection of its former self. Instead of a tightly knit fraternity of starfarers, the organization has devolved to a loose rabble of mercenaries and hotshot pilots looking for their next score. While many runners still make their primary income from Imperial contracts, less scrupulous runners are couriers and bagmen for some of the most notorious organizations in the galaxy. Either way, most runners don’t care—as long as their client’s credit is good.

Rangers and pilots make the best league runners, where their innate talents of travel and navigation serve them well. Bards and rogues frequently find work with the League transporting “extralegal” cargo to some of the rougher parts of the Empire. Surprisingly, even a few paladins find work as runners, typically as bounty hunters or less-than-royal marshals delivering criminals to prisons and their orders for judgment.

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The Imperial Courier's League

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