The Green Cabal

The Green Cabal is an ecoterrorist group that believes in defending the ecologies of the galaxy’s worlds by any means necessary, including violence. It’s current leader is a half-elf female called Davinna Lasala.

The ancient Druidic Society is probably older than the Dragon Empire itself. No one knows for sure, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest it originated during the time of the Forongorn Confederation. Consequently, its members—primarily druids, as its name suggests— have always existed, fighting against the depredations of government and industry where they interfered with the course of the natural world. The Druidic Society has had its share of successes over the millennia, particularly with regard to establishing planetary preserves and limiting the exploitation of fragile worlds. Despite these successes, the Society has long been split between traditionalists, who strongly oppose the development of virgin worlds, and progressives, who just as strongly believe that a middle path between the extremes is possible. Since the dawn of the Red Age, the progressives have been in the ascendant.

Among the traditionalists, there is growing anger and resentment. These druids and their allies believe that Mezzenbone is hell-bent on giving free rein to the aristocorps and other commercial interests, allowing them to despoil worlds without any concern for the creatures that live on them. These traditionalists scoff at their progressive rivals, seeing them as little more than tools of the Dragon Empire. They feel that any attempt at accommodation or compromise is treason to the Mother and the natural world to which she gave birth.

Since there can be no accord with those who would plunder the worlds of the galaxy for their own greedy ends, something must be done. A small group of traditionalist druids and their supporters have created a terrorist organization known as the Green Cabal. The Cabal exists to protect the natural world at any cost. No method of defense is too extreme, especially if it undermines the cause of the opposition. Unlike the Druidic Society, whose most hard-line members are still largely nonviolent, the Cabal is not averse to acts of destruction and violence. In addition to sabotage and vandalism, the ecoterrorists of this group have few qualms about killing those that commit “crimes against nature,” as well as those who aid and abet them.

Like the Druidic Society itself, the Green Cabal has only a very loose hierarchy. It certainly has no central headquarters or base of operations. Instead, its members travel the galaxy in small cells, constantly moving so as to avoid capture by the ISPD and other imperial law enforcement agencies, which consider them extremely dangerous. The Cabal is extraordinarily secretive. Most of its members know only one or two other members in the group so as to minimize the damage should one of them be captured and successfully interrogated. In addition, each cell has considerable autonomy. It plans its actions according to its own assessment of the local situation, rarely receiving direct orders from the Cabal’s nominal head.

Because of the autonomy granted to individual cells, there is a wide degree of variance in their activities. Some stay solidly within the bounds of good morality, avoiding collateral damage that might harm innocent bystanders, for example. Others show little compunction about such things, believing that anything that undermines the empire’s techno-magical society serves their cause. Similarly, there is much variance in political matters as well. Some cells have allied themselves to houses of Asamet or the Insurrection, while others eschew all these groups as yet more “traitors” that prop up a wholly corrupt empire. Consequently, it is difficult for outsiders to know whether certain acts attributed to the Green Cabal are indeed their handiwork or just imperial propaganda—a fact that may well undermine their cause in the end.

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The Green Cabal

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