The Forongorn Confederation

The first civilization to achieve interstellar spaceflight was the Forongorn Confederation, a global union of nation-states on the planet Aranal in the Gulinar system. Gnomes were the only major sentient race indigenous to Aranal – there had once been a sizable dwarf population, but it had completely died out long millennia before the rise of the confederation. Because they were the dominant race of their world, the gnomes of Aranal had little competition and were left to develop their science and technology in relative peace.

A few previous civilizations had succeeded at visiting or even colonizing nearby planets using magic or technology alone, but the gnomes of Aranal were the first to build machines that could take them to the stars. Had they been entirely dependent on either magic or technology, they likely would never have escaped the bounds of the Gulinar system. However, the scientists and arcanists of Aranal learned to meld magic and technology, and eventually, this led them to the discovery of starcasters.

In these early days when the explorers of the Forongorn Confederation visited the nearby stars, most believed that they were alone in the universe. They had Aranal all to themselves – why not all of creation? It didn’t take long, of course, before they were proved wrong, and they discovered that the galaxy, while vast, was a more crowded place than they could possibly have imagined.

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The Forongorn Confederation

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