The Eternal Order of Night (Blackguard Order)

This blackguard order dedicated to the Reaper is steeped in seemingly archaic, mystic traditions. Its organization and procedures are more reminiscent of a secret society than a modern military unit. The Eternal Order is closely allied with House Osorus, acting under its authorization and protection. The blackguards of the order are believed to be the bitter enemies of not only the paladin orders but also the Adamantine Order, the Imperial Secret Police Directorate, and the Hell Hounds. All of these organizations are effectively controlled by the Emperor, and the Eternal Order is firmly entrenched in the Asamet faction made up of hardline conservatives and traditionalists.

The order is the militant arm of the sect of the Reaper and is used to spread fear and awe of the Lord of Death throughout the dark corners of the Empire. The Eternal Order of Night was founded shortly before the great war in response to the creation of new paladin orders. During the war, blackguards of the Eternal Order served as assassins, targeting high-ranking nobles, generals, and industrialists identified as enemies of the Kingdom of Asamet. After the war, the religious leaders assumed more control of the order, using its members to directly advance the cause of their deity. Traditionally, these missions have involved the accumulation of power in the hands of those leaders.

Blackguards of the Eternal Order worship death and dedicate themselves to murder. They assassinate targets selected by their leaders, whether lords of Qesemet, enemy paladins, or political rivals. They train, equip, and sometimes even lead evil forces on Outlands worlds, harvesting the souls of millions for the glory of their dark god. They explore lost cities and venture into forgotten dungeons in search of dark artifacts to empower themselves or their masters. In their secret shrines and sanctuaries, they perform dark rituals and sacrifices in honor of the Reaper, strengthening their unholy faith and initiating new blackguards into their profane traditions.

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The Eternal Order of Night (Blackguard Order)

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