The Destroyer

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Spheres: Battle, Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Death
Symbol: A black, five-pointed star (often displayed inverted)

The Destroyer is the personification of evil and hate in the universe. He strives to undo all that has been done and bring creation to an end. He is the lord of entropy and the master of the void.

Those who worship the Destroyer believe that life is a cycle of death and rebirth, creation and destruction. It is their duty to tear down what others have built, to destroy what others have created. Through destruction, they hope to renew that which is old and throw off the chains of an orderly universe.

Mezzenbone openly worships the Destroyer, as do many of the lords of his house. This is of grave concern to many, for how can the Emperor uphold the current order when his religion teaches him to tear it down? As a devout follower of the Destroyer, is Mezzenbone’s greatest passion not the final destruction of the Dragon Empire and its people?

Clerics of the Destroyer kept a low profile in the Empire until Mezzenbone’s ascension to the throne. Now, they worship and spread their faith openly, heralding the last days when the Destroyer will return to the Material Plane and sunder all of creation. These clerics rarely work together to advance their cause, preferring to practice their faith alone or in small and often secretive cults.

The Destroyer appears in countless guises in many different cultures. He may appear as a great, five-headed dragon, a rampaging demon, or a skeletal cancer victim rife with disease. In some cultures, the Destroyer is simply the Void, the nameless, formless manifestation of chaos and entropy. Small, impermanent shrines are more common than formal temples, and they are often dark, foreboding places where worshipers come to pray and leave blood sacrifices for their lord.

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The Destroyer

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