The Courier's League

The Courier’s League was a prestigious group of trustworthy and capable interstellar messengers. Now they’re a defunct, scattered bunch of capable hot-shots and messengers.

In the years since the Courier’s League fell out of favor with the Dragon Court, the reputation of its individual members has been ruined. Most citizens of the Empire don’t know much about the League, and consider the messengers who travel in its name to be strange fly-by-night sorts or criminals. Many bearers of the league’s symbol are, in fact, just that. A finite number of notarized letters were crafted for the runners of the Courier’s League, and the current members swap those letters back and forth as prizes for dares and bets. No more letters can be made, and so no more members can officially join the League. Memberships just get passed back and forth between the racers who know where to find them.

Still, a small number of runners make legitimate use of their letters and work as messengers for honorable organizations. When good people need an important message to be sent some place terrible—and they can find a former courier of the League to help—honorable league runners take the job. This puts them at odds with some of the authorities in Asamet, but the remaining runners pose no threat and might one day be useful, so the agents of Asamet let them go about their work.

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The Courier's League

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