The Black Shark

The Black Shark is a band of pirates operating in the Smuggler’s Run and getting rich off fast, non-violent incursions on commercial freight haulers.

Frustrated and robbed freighter captains in the Smuggler’s Run region, at the edge of Imperial space, have given the name the Black Shark to a single, tenacious pirate vessel operating in the Persilom and Monscrome systems. The group is known for civil, even peaceful robberies on commercial freighers. Their leader, Domick, tells every freighter captain he encounters the same life lesson: “A sheep can be sheared again, but skinned just the once.” This nugget of wisdom comes at the end of every robbery.

Except one. There is a tale told in the pilot’s bars on Persilom that the Black Shark was responsible for one terrible act of brutality against a corporate shipping vessel in the Monscrome system. Supposedly the crew resisted Domick’s men, so the pirate and his men gave the crew back their belongings, then spaced the freighter crew one at a time, starting with the captain. When they tried to cooperate, he kept on going.

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The Black Shark

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