Spellware & Cyberware is invasive. It necessarily replaces bone and tissue and places electrical and biological strain on the bearer’s mind and body (and perhaps his soul as well). Every piece of spellware or cyberware has a Strain rating.

The amount of ‘ware a character can place in their body is equal to their Vigor or Spirit die type, whichever is lower. This is called their Maximum Strain. Once a character reaches their Maximum Strain in ’ware, their mind and body simply can’t handle any more stress or process any further input. If additional Strain is incurred, the user suffers a level of constant Fatigue equal to the amount they’ve exceeded their maximum. No one can exceed their Maximum Strain by more than two points.

Trauma Symbiote (2 Strain) – Automatically heals one wound per day and adds + 4 to rolls to resist Bleeding Out. 50% chance per day of healing any disease or poison once it gets into the blood stream (assuming the character is still alive).

Scent of Emotion (2 Strain) – This ingenious enhancement
allows the bearer to subtly influence the emotional
states of those around her. By releasing magically
enhanced pheromones, she can induce a specified emotion
in all living creatures within a 15-ft. radius. Targets
of the emotional change are allowed a Will save (DC
14); if successful, the spellware effect is negated for 15
minutes, at which time another check may be made. The
target may make a total of three saves per exposure to
the spellware’s effects. If he makes all three saves, he is
immune to the emotional influence of the spellware for
the rest of the encounter.
This spellware can only have one version implanted atany given time. Each installation can only induce a single
emotion from the given list, chosen at the time of
installation. It does not allow the bearer of the scent to
sense the emotional state of her targets. The bearer cannot
be affected by her own spellware.
The pheromones are released for as long as the bearer
maintains concentration, up to a maximum duration
of one hour per day. Targets who fail their Will saves
remain under the influence of the chosen emotion for as
long as the target remains within the area of effect plus
1d4+1 hours afterward. The available emotions and
their specific effects are listed below.

Note: This list is not complete.

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