ShadowKnife XIII


Project Razor Phase 3

Spectre Beetle Hybrid class Armed Infiltration Scout
Designation: Shadow Knife XIII
Length: 170’
Tonnage (estimated): 475
Armor: genetically enhanced chitin exo-skeleton
Weapons: twin pulse laser cannon turret
Special: Cloaking Organ
Special: Healing / Statis Pods: Aft of all mid-deck chambers is a single chamber that in the original beetle form serves as it’s reproductive organs. In the bio-hybrid engineered version, these grub-like larva serve as crew stasis “cold sleep” pods that also provide advanced healing functions to sick or injured crew.
Crew: 10; 3 pilots/handlers, 3 engineers, 1 gunner, 1 cargo-handler, 1 legionnaire, 1 intelligence officer; room for 10 additional legionnaires/special ops in stasis.


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ShadowKnife XIII

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