Royal Marshal Service (Paladin Order)

The RMS is an order of paladins in service to the Judge. It is also the elite law enforcement agency of the Kingdom of Qesemet. While SOLAR is devoted to battling evil on the front lines and beyond, the Royal Marshal Service is charged with maintaining law and order within the Domains of Qesemet. The individual domains, star systems, and planets have their own local police forces, but the RMS focuses on high-profile crimes and organized criminal activity. The badge of the Royal Marshal Service is a silver shield engraved with the scales of justice.

Most royal marshals worked in law enforcement before receiving their call to service. If their application to the order is accepted, they become cadets at the Royal Marshal Academy in Betherian on Galador. Graduates become rookie officers in the RMS. The standard curriculum at the academy includes the martial training paladins require for defense of both themselves and innocent civilians, instruction in the law, and spiritual guidance designed to strengthen and enrich their bond with the Judge.

Royal marshal characters gain Knowledge (imperial law) as a bonus class skill.

The RMS is charged with investigating severe or violent crimes in the Kingdom of Qesemet. The royal marshals also have jurisdiction on cases involving organized crime or threats to the security of the kingdom, such as espionage and terrorism. The RMS sometimes investigates cases in Outlands colonies within the Domains of Qesemet, but the marshals rarely venture into the Deep Outlands. Royal marshals are often called upon to work undercover, and they often have levels in the rogue class to represent their training in the skills necessary to interact with and survive in the criminal underworld.

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Royal Marshal Service (Paladin Order)

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