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The Speaks Softly is a Cygnus Class long range science vessel, a class in common usage by both the Royal Exploratory Service and SOLAR. While equipped with military grade shields, the ship is unarmed except for a pair of retractable missile launchers in the underside of the ship and a pair of linked, bow-facing medium lasers on the dorsal hull. The mechanisms are well concealed and configured to look like non-military probe launchers to a casual scan. The goal being to appear non-threatening but still have some firepower if needed. The crew are all highly skilled professionals – experts in their fields and chosen specifically for this mission. While there is a security officer and several crewmen skilled in combat, there are no marines carried. About half the crew are scientists and the other half ship systems personnel.



Details can be viewed here and here.

Additional information about shipboard life can be viewed here.


Large Starship: Size 12, Acc/TS 40/500 (1200 mph, 1931 kph), Climb 1, Toughness 37 (10), Crew 20, Cost C$51,740,000, Remaining Mods 0
Notes: AMCM, Atmospheric, 3x Crew Reduction, Deflector Screens, FTL Drive, 2x Garage / Hangar, Sensor Suite (Galactic), Shields, Sloped Armor, Starcaster with standard Antigrav enchantment, Targeting System.
Enchantments: + 2 Armor enchantment, + 1 Magic Resistance (Grants armor value vs magical attacks from outside the vessel to all those within), Teleport Suppressor Enchantment: Ship’s armor has a Dimension Barrier (SVM70) spell woven into it. It requires minimal power and must be turned off in order to Starcast.
Weapons: 2x Dual-Linked Medium Lasers (Fixed to bow) (150/300/600, 3d10+1, ROF 1, AP 10, HW,) 2x Missile Launcher – each can fire 4 light or 2 heavy missiles at same time (Both – 200/400/800, ROF 1, HW; Light – damage 6d6, AP 8, SBT; Heavy – damage 8d6, AP 15, MBT.) Magazine carries 10 light HE, 2 light EMP and 8 heavy HE missiles.
Shields: 120 – may recover 12/round
As of Welcome to the Jungle (Part Six):
Energy Capacity: 283 / 300 days
Provisions: 434 / 450 days
Starcaster Charges: 46 / 50, uses 2 charges per Starcast.


Detailed interior deck plans may be viewed here

Ancillary Vehicles

A Novamere class armed, atmospheric 8 person shuttle carried in the aft-facing, dorsal hanger bay.

Small Starship: Size 6, Acc/TS 80/1000 (2400 mph, 3862 kph), Climb 3, Toughness 20 (5), Crew 1, Cost C$6,610,000, Remaining Mods 0
Notes: AMCM, Atmospheric, Deflector Screens, Electromagnetic Shielding, Passenger Pod, Sensor Suite (Planetary), Sloped Armor, 6x Speed, Targeting System
Weapons: 2x Dual-Linked Light Lasers (Fixed to bow) (150/300/600, 2d10 +1, ROF 1, AP 5, HW, Reaction Fire.)
Energy Capacity: 25


A sealed light APC designed for extended travel. Contains cramped bunk space for 4, a tiny fresher and kitchenette.

Medium Vehicle: Size 3, Acc/TS 9/23 (55 mph, 88 kph), Toughness 13 (5), Crew 8, Cost C$186,000, Remaining Mods 0.5
Notes: Amphibious, Armor, Crew Space, Four Wheel Drive, Living Space, Sensor Suite, Sloped Armor, Speed Reduction
Weapons: Heavy MG (2) (50/100/200, 2d10, ROF 3, AP 4, Auto, HW. A 200 round belt of ammo costs $500 and weighs 20 pounds.)
Advanced batteries allow the vehicle to go a week (seven days) under normal use before recharging. Recharging costs $300 or access to a starship powerplant.


Additional Equipment

Repair Bot (3)
A basic technical droid often found on starships assisting the crew. It has short, stubby legs and three arms, one for tool use (such as a cutting laser) and the other two with vice-like pincers.
Cost: $60K; Remaining Mods: 3
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d4, Strength d8, Vigor d6
Skills: Notice d4, Repair d10
Pace: 4; Parry: 2; Toughness: 4
Gear: Matter cutter
Special Abilities:
Construct: + 2 to recover from being Shaken; does not breathe; immune to poison and disease.
Environmental Weakness (Electricity): Robots suffer + 4 damage from electrical attacks.
Magnetic Pads: Repair bots can walk up and along metal surfaces at their Pace.
Size –1: Repair bots stand 3-4’ tall.
Weapon Mount (Matter Cutter): Repair bots are equipped with matter cutters on gimble. Other tools are held in their hands as needed (SFC15).

Vent Drone Swarm (12 Drones)
This basic robot is semi-sentient and interprets orders based on its Smarts. Vent Drones are hive-like cooperative workers, constantly roaming hard to reach locations in a starship, such as between bulkheads and in small access shafts, always looking for damage.
Cost: $60K (swarm); Remaining Mods: 0
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d4, Spirit d4,
Strength d4, Vigor d4
Skills: Knowledge (Arcana) d4, Knowledge (Electronics) d4, Notice d8, Repair d4.
Pace: 6 (d10 Running); Parry: 2; Toughness: 4
Special Abilities
Construct: + 2 to recover from being Shaken; does not breathe; immune to poison and disease.
Environmental Weakness (Electricity): Vent Drones suffer + 4 damage from electrical attacks.
Magnetic Pads: Vent Drones can walk up and along metal surfaces at their Pace.
Size –2: Vent Drones are spider-like robots about the size of a normal rat.
Weapon Mount (Single Tool): Vent Drones are equipped with a single, interchangeable tool mount on a gimble. They typically work in groups, each with a different tool for a specific job, returning to their charging station to change out tool sets when needed. One of the tools available to a swarm of Vent Drones is a Wand of Mend Object (SVM105). Note: one wand available to entire swarm, not one each!

Cargo Loader Suit (1)
Essentially power armor without the communications gear or protection, this powerful piece of hardware has a Strength of d12+6 and a Pace of 2 (no Run). It has two arms with crude, blunt pincers to lift, carry, and load heavy cargo. The pincers are awkward if used for combat and act as an Improvised Weapon (–1 Fighting and Parry). They cause Str + d6 damage. (2K lb, $200K)

Cargo Handler Bot (1)
Cost: $30K; Remaining Mods: 1
Attributes: Agility d4+2, Smarts d4, Spirit d4,
Strength d12+2, Vigor d4
Skills: Knowledge (Cargo Handling) d6, Notice d6.
Pace: 4 (no Running); Parry: 2; Toughness: 4
Special Abilities
Construct: + 2 to recover from being Shaken; does not breathe; immune to poison and disease.
Environmental Weakness (Electricity): Robots suffer + 4 damage from electrical attacks.
Tracked: This bot has tracks (Pace 4, ignores Difficult Terrain) instead of legs. It cannot negotiate obstacles taller than one-third its height.
Reconfigurable: While slow, a CHB can reconfigure it’s shape in order to reach high storage areas and maneuver in tight spots while remaining stable.
Cargo Container Grips: This squat bot has grippers and a forklift specifically design for moving small and medium sized cargo containers. It get a + 4 on any Trait roll for remaining stable and maintaining a grip on a cargo container or similar object.

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RES Speaks Softly

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