Playable Races


Here is a list of playable races in Dragonstar and how to build them in Savage Worlds. When choosing a non-human race, the character must take all listed edges and hindrances (unless specifically labeled as optional) in order to keep play balance. Some races are quite powerful but their inherent hindrances make them equitable with human characters. In all cases, players may still take the usual one Major and two Minor Hindrances for extra points during character creation.

Centaurs Derro Doppels Drow Dwarves Elems
Eleti Elves Gnomes Half-Dragons Humans Half-Elves
Half-Orcs Halflings Ith-Kon Kobolds Lizardfolk Orcs
Oruk Pershala Pevishan Quasta Sathoni Siarrans
Soul Mechs Tarn Idoun Ulb

(Races in boldface are completed, others are currently under review for possible updates. Those in strikethrough are not currently available as a PC race, but may be in the future.)

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Playable Races

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