Imperial Society of Arcane Magic

The Imperial Society is the largest organization of wizards in the Dragon Empire. Its labyrinthine headquarters complex in the cloud city of Vespar on Aelding is home to more than 500 wizards of varying levels of power and accomplishment. The Vespar Academy of the Art, established, supported, and administered by the Imperial Society, is the most well known and highly regarded institute of arcane scholarship in the known galaxy. While wizards are looked down upon by the aristocracy – including the lords of House Sarava – the Imperial Society is nevertheless an influential and respected presence on the silver dragon throneworld.

The Imperial Society is dedicated to advancing the art and status of wizardry in the Dragon Empire. It trains novice wizards at the Vespar Academy and other colleges of arcane magic throughout the Empire. The society provides grants and arcane laboratory facilities to wizards conducting valuable research. Most visibly, the Imperial Society sponsors a number of public relations and political campaigns designed to foster social acceptance of wizards and enhance their political clout on the throneworlds of Draconis Prime.

Regardless of its many initiatives on their behalf, most wizards pay their dues to the Imperial Society for one reason: to gain access to the thousands of spells in the society’s online database. This resource is believed to be the largest archive of spell formulas in the known galaxy. By paying their dues and remaining on good standing, wizards are able to constantly update their selection of spells as their needs, research efforts, or circumstances dictate.

Dues are 1000 credits per caster level per standard year. Only those who can cast arcane spells and prepare them as a wizard are eligible for membership. The spell database can only be accessed from one of the throneworlds, as the InfoNet depends on the landlines that run under the Long Road.

A wizard downloading spells must follow the rules for copying spells detailed in the Starfarer’s Handbook (see page 136), and his spellbook software must have sufficient capacity to store the spell.

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Imperial Society of Arcane Magic

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