House Sarava (Silver)

Home System: Casenore
Throneworld: Aelding

The silver dragons of House Sarava are justifiably proud of their long and illustrious history. House Sarava was the second to inherit the Golden Throne, and its first emperor, Alarion, is nearly as legendary as Khelorn. Most historians agree that it was Alarion who proved that the Dragon Empire was not just a desperate experiment – that it could truly work. When the silver dragon took the throne, many feared that only Khelorn’s charisma and leadership had held the Empire together. With less capable hands at the helm, this fragile ship might quickly founder and sink. Alarion’s just and efficient rule put those fears soundly to rest. Ironically, he abdicated the throne less than halfway through his reign under clouds of a scandal that was never publicly disclosed. It was both his triumph and tragedy that his reign proved that even an imperfect sovereign could rule the Empire. Grand Duchess Daernatha, Alarion’s mother, now rules as House Savara’s matriarch.

The secluded mountain eyries of Aelding offer some of the most breathtaking vistas in the Empire, though few common folk ever see them. The cloud city of Vespar, the capital of Aelding, is suspended in the atmosphere by massive antigravity generators. Vespar is one of the greatest achievements of arcane technology in the Empire, and the dragon lords of House Savara built it at monumental expense for the simple joy of living in the sky.

House Savara has major interests in countless industries, but the Casenore system is most renowned for its aerospace manufacturers. Factories on Aelding produce state-of-the-art aircraft and starship components, and these are transported by space elevator to the massive shipyards in orbit. This space elevator, or skyhook, stretches from Mount Rimidil on the equator to an asteroid counterweight in a stationary orbit around Aelding. The skyhook is a 100-foot–thick cable constructed of carbon fiber and reinforced with magic. It runs from Mount Rimidil, through the center of Vespar, to Andrin Station. The skyhook allows cargo to be transported between the planet and orbit at very low cost, and it has made the Aelding shipyards the most profitable producers of spacecraft and starships in the Empire.

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House Sarava (Silver)

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