House Osorus (Blue)

Home System: Heridor
Throneworld: Thormorath

Throughout much of Asamet’s history, House Osorus has been even more powerful and influential than rival House Mazorgrim. The blue dragons are certainly the most politically savvy of the chromatic clans, and it was the blue wyrm Lazalius who originally founded the Kingdom of Asamet. Many believe that the red dragons are too selfish to ever concern themselves with the other houses or the overall welfare of the kingdom. House Osorus has always been ready to step in and fill that void.

The blue dragons are natural leaders and faction builders, and many consider them the hardline traditionalist conservatives of Asamet. They value their house, kingdom, and race over individuals, though they reverse this order in their political rhetoric. They favor strong, centralized rule – with House Osorus, of course, in the position of power. They desire a rigid system of economic and social stratification in which everyone – from the grand dukes to the lowest non-dragon commoner – knows his place. They are outspoken opponents of awarding titles to non-dragons. Grand Duchess Doraith, the half-sister of Lazalius, strives to impose these “standards” and “disciplines” on the other houses of Asamet, and indeed, on the Empire as a whole.

The warm, arid world of Thormorath offers little in the way of natural resources, and few regions receive enough rainfall to support large-scale agriculture. Instead, the planet is reserved for the vast, sprawling estates of the dragon lords of House Osorus. The capital city, Kazar, is rooted at the base of a great mountain range in the Abzaman Desert. Its lush gardens and gilded palaces set the standard for ostentatious indulgence of aristocratic excess. It is said that hidden teleportation circles are scattered throughout Kazar, and that a blue dragon lord can slip into the shadows and arrive on Draconis Prime or the other throneworlds of Asamet from anywhere in the great city.

The Long Road does not approach within thousands of miles of Kazar. It runs through a sort of “border town” called Azalkar. This city serves as the “foreign quarter” of Thormorath, and few non-dragons are permitted to venture beyond its boundaries. It is in Azalkar that representatives of other races and political groups must seek audience with the bureaucrats and low-ranking lords of House Osorus. Azalkar is also one of the primary commercial hubs of the Empire. House Osorus has built its own economic empire on financial and legal services, and Azalkar is the central battleground for the dealing and double-dealing that greases the wheels of commerce in the Dragon Empire.

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House Osorus (Blue)

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