House Mazorgrim (Red)

Home System: Andragus
Throneworld: Arangorn

The throneworld of House Mazorgrim is the second planet in the Andragus system. Arangorn is an infernally hot, rugged world orbiting just on the inside edge of its bright yellow star’s habitability zone. Wasted badlands and barren mountain ranges dominate most of the planet, and few living creatures can survive for long on the surface without protection. Arangorn is tectonically very active, and major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions frequently ravage the planet’s crust. The planet is also extraordinarily rich in precious metals and minerals, however, and the surface is dotted with mining, refining, and industrial facilities. The red dragons typically live in vast underground complexes, where bioengineered algae provide an abundant supply of clean air. There are also a few fully enclosed habitats scattered about the surface and length of the Long Road.

Visitors to Arangorn often wonder why the red dragons, with all their wealth and a vast number of planets to choose from, would make the inhospitable world their capital. The simple answer is that red dragons don’t share the aesthetic values of other races. The truth is, they admire the hellish vistas of the surface and feel at home in the tangled subterranean vaults and warrens of the planet’s sprawling undercities. The planet’s infernal temperatures and barren landscapes also ensure that visitors won’t often bother the dragons of House Mazorgirm.

With Mezzenbone on the Golden Throne, House Mazorgrim is unquestionably the most powerful of the royal houses. It is well known that the red dragons care for little beyond accumulating wealth and power, and they have been extraordinarily successful at fulfilling this lust for millennia. They are treacherous, deceitful, and ruthless, in the boardroom as on the battlefield. But they are also cunning, resourceful, and patient. No one in the Empire trusts them, but the benefits of economic and political alliances with the red dragons are so great that they never have a shortage of partners and pawns.

House Mazorgrim is the largest manufacturer and distributor of defense industry products and services in the Empire. The red dragons supply everything from personal weapons to dreadnaughts to the militaristic houses of Asamet.

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House Mazorgrim (Red)

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