House Golion (Copper)

Home System: Savain
Throneworld: Meneer

The copper dragons are still riding the wave of prestige they enjoyed during the imperial reign of House Golion. Always considered the least powerful of the houses of Qesemet, House Golion was, for one brief millennium, the most influential in the Empire. All five of the emperors who ruled during this term used their position and power to reform imperial law, expand the rights and liberties of citizens, and support the flowering of art and magic in the Empire. Some observers and scholars have pointed to the fact that there were five different emperors during House Golion’s rule as evidence that the coppers are not psychologically suited to rule. It is true that most dragons of House Golion are little interested in politics and that they often seem to let their own domain run itself. On the other hand, planets within the Domain of Golion always rank at the top of independent quality of life surveys.

The copper dragons are renowned architects and builders, and the towers, temples, and vaults of the Irunath Mountains on Meneer are some of the most awe-inspiring structures in the Empire. The grand duke’s palace winds over and through the majestic peaks, a beautiful stronghold carved of native stone that is more than 10,000 years old. House Golion has forged professional alliances with several other races to pursue long-term projects. The copper dragons work with elven biologists and ecologists on terraforming science, and with dwarven engineers on materials and construction technology. While it is little more than a figurehead organization, the government-in-exile of the Dwarven Commonwealth has its offices on Meneer.

Unsurprisingly, professional expertise is Meneer’s chief export. While House Golion – like all the royal houses – has extensive commercial interests in countless industries, the throneworld is dedicated to the advancement of art, science, and craft. The various branches of the University of Meneer support a student population of more than 1,000,000, and its College of Architecture is widely regarded as the best in the Empire. The Royal Exploratory Service’s training academy is also located in the wilds of Meneer, where it takes advantage of the planet’s varied terrains and climates to prepare its students for survival on unfamiliar worlds.

While he willingly and peacefully surrendered the Golden Throne to Mezzenbone 40 years ago, Grand Duke Kupric feels a great deal of personal responsibility for the fate of the Empire during the Red Age. He believes that if the Empire spirals into darkness as some fear, it will mean that he should have broken the pact and denied Mezzenbone the throne. Kupric has little love for war, but he does not want to be remembered by history as the dragon who gave the known galaxy over to evil. As a result, the Grand Duke pours an enormous amount of House Golion’s resources into the temples of the good-aligned deities of the Unification Church, into charities and relief agencies, and into education programs and other projects. These efforts are designed to spread light throughout the Empire and the lives of its citizens and keep the darkness at bay.

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House Golion (Copper)

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