House Gevise (Merchant House)

For hundreds of generations, the Gevises have owned fleets of trading ships, vast orbital emporiums, and elaborate private palaces; they want nothing more than to keep a good hold on their fortune, and watch it swell.

The primary economic force in the Smuggler’s Run is the Gevise family. Their merchant fleet crowds the skies over Persilom, fixes prices throughout the system, and blazes new trails of commerce throughout the Run. No indigenous peoples, competitors, or governments short of the dragons get in their way.

The Gevises are a huge family. Literally millions of people bear their name in Asamet alone. Their business practices are praised by the richest folks and crush the poorest folks, but they’re not alone in their celebrated success. Other trading houses operate in the Empire and in the Run, so the Gevises are forever repositioning themselves, strategizing, and scheming.

Gevise operations are extremely top-heavy. Gevise freighter captains make twice what any independent captain could hope to make in a year, but the crews who operate Gevise ships are paid next to nothing. The system of the familial houses is based on seniority, so lowly new employees earn a pauper’s wage (or less) for their trouble, but if they stick around they will be promoted. Fifteen or 20 years of promotions can lead to hundreds of thousands of credits in pay and command of a starfreighter. The most loyal, most respected members of the business may eventually be welcomed into the family through marriage.

The Gevises aren’t of royal blood, so they are eager to set up new markets in frontier territories before Mezzenbone’s people arrive. Gevise ships carry sophisticated weaponry and defenses and it costs a great deal to pay off the hundreds of Imperial officials necessary to cross jurisdictions with that firepower. The Gevises are constantly under-reporting the capabilities of their fleets. Mezzenbone would never tolerate the sheer firepower the family is fielding across the galaxy, were he to find out about it.

Whatever goals the family as a whole once had, they’ve been replaced by a consuming greed. Individual members of the house may have much more noble or dangerous aspirations, however.

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House Gevise (Merchant House)

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