House Deserene (Gold)

Home System: Arlant
Throneworld: Galador

The royal house of the gold dragons is perhaps the most powerful in the Empire. Many thousands of years before the birth of King Khelorn and the founding of Qesemet, the gold wyrm Galador Aradan (“the Great”) unified his homeworld and led it to prominence and prosperity in the Star League. His homeworld was renamed in his honor shortly after his death. Khelorn is the sixth-generation descendant of Galador, and he was born in the capital city Betherian in 1143 AE – more than 6,000 years ago.

Under Khelorn’s leadership, House Deserene has played a crucial role in imperial and pre-imperial history. It was responsible for establishing and building the Kingdom of Qesemet, and no other house served as well or paid as dearly during the great war with Asamet. Today, the Domain of Deserene boasts the largest number of colonized worlds in the Empire, and it is by far the wealthiest and most economically prosperous of the royal houses.

The throneworld of House Deserene is the third planet in the Arlant system. Galador is one of the most technically advanced planets in the known galaxy. Betherian, a vast, sprawling metropolis that spans more than a million square miles, dominates its central continent. The silver spires of steel, mithral, and glass at its heart reach several miles into the sky. The political center of the Kingdom of Qesemet is located in the Royal District of Betherian. From a great palace in this exclusive sector of the city, King Khelorn still rules his realm. The district is nestled in a wide mountain valley, and a 500-foot-tall statue of Galador the Great watches over the city from the rock above.

The Arlant system is the largest single producer of manufactured goods in the known galaxy. Most of its industry is located in the orbital stations that ring Galador, and nearly inexhaustible raw materials are mined in the system’s extensive asteroid belt. While local law prohibits polluting industries from operating on the planet’s surface, the commercial districts of Betherian are leading centers for many vital services, including banking, insurance, and medicine.

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House Deserene (Gold)

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