House Aranath (Brass)

Home System: Magrant
Throneworld: Ambrant

The brass dragons of House Aranath have a legendary reputation as the information brokers, diplomats, and spies of the Kingdom of Qesemet. Grand Duchess Perlion, the daughter of a former emperor, has continued the work of her ancestors, accumulating the favors and secrets of other powerful dragon lords, building House Aranath into a political force to be reckoned with.

The throneworld of House Aranath, Ambrant, is the mirror image of Endagar. It is a hot, dry world with very little industry or developed economic base. The one notable exception is information technology: House Aranath is an imperial leader in the design and manufacture of computers and information networks, and Ambrant is home to many of its largest research labs and production facilities.

Many of these facilities are clustered along the Ambrant stretch of the Long Road. The city of Arakel in the Helras Desert is both the capital of Ambrant and the most active hub of the InfoNet. The basic structure of this worlds-spanning information network was designed and developed by House Aranath engineers. While the InfoNet does not allow faster-than-light communication over interstellar distances, it does connect the 10 throneworlds via fiber-optic lines running under the Long Road.

The dragons of House Aranath are not the great warriors of their kingdom, but they excel at politics, diplomacy, and intrigue. More brass dragons can be found among the courts and backrooms of Draconis Prime than those of any other clan. Relations between House Aranath and allied houses are sometimes a bit strained, because the brass dragons do not always limit their intrigues to the houses of Asamet. Indeed, Grand Duchess Perlion is thought to have voluminous records on the families and activities of all the houses of Qesemet – even her own. Rumor suggests that these records are more extensive than those on the houses of Asamet, and some of Perlion’s allies find this troubling. Still, the grand dukes rarely complain because every one of them wants access to the information: They can’t very well protest the brass dragons’ spying while at the same time requesting intelligence reports on their rivals.

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House Aranath (Brass)

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