half_dragon.jpg In an empire ruled by dragons, half-dragons are the pampered offspring who don’t have a prayer of ascending to the throne. Most half-dragons spend their days either wasting or abusing what power and riches they have by virtue of their birthright. But there are those few who strike out on their own, whether out of greed, boredom, or a true sense of adventure.

Half-dragons are usually spoiled rotten. They’ve been catered to their entire lives, and they’ve come to expect that tradition to continue uninterrupted. Some (generally the children of Qesemet) actually do their best to use their positions for the betterment of themselves and those around them. Others (the spawn of Asamet) are only out for themselves, often chafing at the fact that they can never rise as high as their dragon kin.

Half-dragons vary a lot in appearance, depending on the color of the dragon parent and the race of its mate. Powerful dragons can change their shape and can mate with just about anything, having been known to produce some bizarre matches. The dragon often reveals its true nature after the mating – if then – by which time it's too late for the unwitting partner to do anything about it. Half-dragons always have scales, a snake's slit eyes, huge teeth and claws, and elongated faces. They sometimes have tails and they may also have wings, but these are usually vestigial.

Half-dragons are feared and even respected throughout the Dragon Empire. These bastard offspring are often the beneficiaries of trust funds set up by their dragon parents to keep the product of their dalliances in a comfortable lifestyle. Since half-dragons vary so much in their parentage, it’s difficult to make generalizations about them as a race. The non-dragon parent usually raises the halfdragon child, and this does more to determine the halfdragon’s prejudices than her draconic nature. A half-dragon tends to follow her dragon parent in terms of temperament, but this isn’t always the case. The non-dragon parent usually takes on most of the duties of raising the child, so that parent can influence the half-dragon even more. The tension between the two sides of a half-dragon’s nature can lead to serious emotional conflict.

Half-dragons do not have their own lands. Not surprisingly, there are more half-dragons found on the throneworlds of Asamet and Qesemet than anywhere else. There are neighborhoods in the capital cities of these planets in which half-dragons tend to congregate, forming bonds based on their shared heritage. Most half-dragons on a given planet tend to have dragon parents of the same clan, which only helps to strengthen such friendships.

Half-dragons worship any of the deities in the great pantheon. Most honor the patron god or goddess of their House. There are few half-dragon Dualists, as followers of the heresy often suffer a loss of status and respect among the conservative dragon aristocracy.

Half-dragons speak Draconic as well as the native language of their non-dragon parent. Most speak Common as well. Half-dragons are usually named by their non-dragon parent. Most are named in the tradition of the non-dragon parent’s race, although a few are named after their dragon parents, perhaps in an effort to establish stronger ties. Some half-dragons feel they have a lot to prove, just to show that their strange birth isn’t the only thing that defines them. Others simply wish to attract the attention of an absent dragon parent, to gain his approval or possibly make a claim on an inheritance. Most half-dragons have idle but comfortable lifestyles, but not all are able to tolerate this unfulfilling existence.

Draconic Hide (+3): Half-dragons may appear mortal, but they partake of their dragon parent’s hardiness. Their thick hide grants them + 6 Armor.
Bite/Claws (+3): Both attacks do Str+d4 damage. Note that Bite allows a character to bite grappled prey rather than just crush; and claws add + 2 to Athletics when climbing most surfaces.
Breath Weapon (+1): Half-dragons can breathe fire, cold, acid, or other energy based on their draconic heritage (see table below) by making an Athletics roll as a limited action. This uses the Cone Template, may be Evaded, and causes 2d6 damage (3d6 with a raise on the Athletics roll). A Critical Failure on the attack causes Fatigue to the user.
Environmental Resistance (+1): Half-dragons receive a + 4 bonus to resist negative effects from their ancestral element, and damage from that element is also reduced by 4. .
Environmental Weakness (-1): Half-dragons suffer a – 4 penalty to resist negative effects from their opposed ancestral element, and damage from that opposed element is also increased by 4. .
Draconic Arrogance (-2): It’s called the Dragon Empire. You are a scion of galactic rulers! Of course you have the Arrogant Hindrance.
Dragon’s Conceit (-2): A half-dragon gets their ego from their dragon parent – there’s nothing out there they can’t defeat. At least that’s what half-dragons tend to think. They believe they can do most anything and never want to retreat from a challenge. They are not suicidal, but they certainly tend to take on more than common sense dictates.
Draconic Avarice (-1): The draconic blood in your veins sings to you to measure your worth in material possessions or wealth. Half-dragons will argue bitterly for more than their fair share of any loot or reward the party might come across.

Dragon Type Breath Resistance Weakness Notes
Black Acid Stream Acid Fire
Blue Lightning Electricity Cold
Green Poison Gas Acid Cold
Red Fire Fire Cold
White Cold Cold Fire
Brass Fire or Sleep Gas Fire Cold Gas as Slumber FCa p. 122
Bronze Lightning or Fear Gas Electricity Cold As Fear FCa p.112
Copper Acid Stream or Slow Gas Acid Electricity Gas as Sloth FCa p.122
Gold Fire or Weakening Gas Fire Cold Gas as Lower Trait FCa p.105
Silver Cold or Paralyzation Gas Cold Fire Breathing creatures in gas make a Vigor roll or be Stunned. They’re paralyzed & incapable of any action 2d6 rounds.
Space Vacuum Vacuum Electricity
Star Radiation Radiation Acid Vigor roll or take Fatigue If Incapacitated, contract radiation sickness

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