Character Creation

This process differs slightly from the one presented in Savage Worlds Deluxe, so read carefully.

  1. Concept
  2. Race
  3. Hindrances
  4. Edges
  5. Traits & Skills
  6. Money & Gear
  7. Derived Statistics
  8. Background Details

The first thing to do is think up a character concept before you set pencil to character sheet. Refine and polish the concept as you proceed through the rest of the character creation process, but this works best if you have at least a rough idea before you start writing anything down.

Before you proceed further, make sure you’ve reviewed and understand the Setting Rules.

Next comes race, as many races in Dragonstar include baked-in Hindrances and Edges which you’ll need to know about before choosing one for your character. Make sure you understand how these racial dis- and advantages will work.

Now choose up to one Major and two Minor Hindrances that you feel fit your character concept. A Major Hindrance is worth 2 points, and a Minor Hindrance is worth 1 point. For 2 points you can:

  • Raise an attribute one die type, or
  • Choose an Edge

For 1 point you can:

  • Gain another skill point, or
  • Gain additional money equal to your starting funds. (Characters begin with CR 1,000, so if you wish to spend a point here, you’d gain an additional CR 1,000).

Now you may spend some or all of your points from the previous step on Edges. Characters in Savage Worlds are primarily defined by their Edges, so it’s always good to start play with one or two. Two characters who are exact in every detail except their Edges will invariably play very differently from one another, so take some time with this step and choose ones that fit with your character concept.

Traits & Skills
Assign any free attributes or skills granted by your race, assign whatever traits are needed to meet your Edge requirements, calculate how many points are left over (taking into account Hindrances), and then distribute the remaining points as you see fit. Every character starts with a d4 (unless your race grants you built-in bonuses) in each attribute, and has 5 points with which to raise them. Raising a d4 to a d6, for example, costs 1 point. You’re free to spend these points however you want with one exception: no attribute may be raised above a d12, unless the character has an Edge or racial advantage that alters this. For skills, you start with 15 skill points to distribute among your skills. Each die type costs 1 point (starting at d4) as long as the skill is equal to or less than the attribute it’s linked to (listed beside the skill in parentheses). If you exceed the attribute, the cost becomes 2 points per die type. As with attributes, no skill may be increased above d12 unless your race grants you a higher cap. Don’t forget that many racial templates grant bonuses for some skills!

Money & Gear
This campaign will be using a more abstract wealth system, but that doesn’t start until play begins. For purposes of character creation, starting characters typically begin with CR 1,000. Some Hindrances, Edges or Backgrounds can alter this (or you may have spent points from step 3 Hindrances). Purchase gear on a 1:1 credit basis. You may then attempt to buy additional gear once your starting funds have been exhausted. For complete details on this, refer to the I’d Buy that for a Dollar page.

Derived Statistics
Once you’ve selected all your character’s gear, calculate their Derived Statistics (Charisma, Pace, Parry, Toughness). I recommend leaving the Derived Statistics to last because they can be affected by race, Hindrances, Edges, traits, and gear – and you don’t want to have to keep going back to recalculate them.

Background Details
Then at the end finalize your background, which is really just of a summary of the concept you’ve been refining throughout the character creation process. Solid background details rooted in the setting contribute heavily to the overall campaign experience for everyone. Please feel free to discuss this with the GM!


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Character Creation

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