Aeris Station

Five years ago, Aeris Station declared bankruptcy. Shortly thereafter, a syndication called Paragon made up of five Aristocorps purchased the station, turning it into their corporate headquarters. Aeris Station has been divided into six sections, with three on each of the two rings. Practically all stores and housing are owned and operated by the individual Aristocorps. Each section was planned with a suite of amenities such as shops, Unification temples, schools, markets and other recreational facilities. Employees and their families reside on Aeris until their contract term ends. The sixth section is reserved for visitors and guests. There are meeting rooms, clubs and casinos for socialization. All shipping and other traffic is routed through the sixth section.

Most of the station operations are handled by various members of the syndicate. For example, security for all sections is handled by Sphinx Security Services. Shipping is managed by Primespace Logistics LLC, and all the various partitions and furniture were rebuilt by Shadowwell Construction. The actual operation and running of Aeris Station is performed by a staff hired by Paragon itself, rather than by any one of the individual members. This ensures that the rules spelled out in the syndication agreement are enforced. However, many of these subcontractors do, in fact, work for either Valkyrie Navigations or Primespace Logistics LLC.

What makes Paragon different from other similar entities is that none of its member aristocorps are run by full blooded dragons. Some speculate that the reason for the purchase and relocation to Aeris Station was motivated by a desire for privacy, and a removal from the prying eyes of the Empire’s draconic overlords. It is equally likely that these powerful men and women sought out the locale to avoid paying taxes to the kingdoms of Asamet and Qesemet. Aeris Station’s position within Scion System means that their primary tax payments go directly to the Imperial Revenue and Taxation Service (IRaTS), commonly called the “Rats”. In any event, access to the station is closely guarded, and any traveler seeking to stop there should have legitimate business, or risk expulsion.

Paragon’s member aristocorps are as follows:
Primespace Logistics LLC
Shadowwell Construction
Sphinx Security Services
Valkyrie Navigations

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Aeris Station

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