Chief Engineer




Male Presenting Soulmech; Age: ?; Height: 6’; Weight: 220lbs
Rank: Veteran (XP: 45)

Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d6

Athletics_ d6, Common_knowledge_ d4, Notice_d8+2, Persuasion_d4, Stealth_d4, Electronics_d8, fighting_d6, Hacking_d6, Repair d8, Research_d6, Science (engineering) _d8, Science (magic theory) _d8, Shooting (Projectile) d6.

Charisma: -2; Pace: 8 (+d8 Run); Parry: 5; Toughness: 7 (2)

Dependency (Racial, Major) – Soulmechs must recharge via strong electricity at least one hour out of every 24. Failure to do so results in Fatigue each day that can lead to Incapacitation. Each level is recovered with an hour of recharging.
Environmental Weakness (Racial, Minor, Electricity) – Soulmechs suffer + 4 additional damage from electrical attacks, and have a – 4 penalty to resist other electrical effects.
Not Dead, Not Truly Alive (Racial, Major) – A soulmech cannot be Raised or Resurrected. As they do not eat, they cannot benefit from potions, drugs or magical effects that require component ingestion. They cannot increase physical traits (Str, Agil, Vigor) during advancement, although they may still purchase increases as Mods (SFC 38). They cannot be healed by divine magic, nor can they benefit from magic that enhances physical trait scores.
Outsider (Racial, Major) – Organic species often treat soulmechs as property rather than sentient beings. They have no rights in many systems, and suffer – 2 Charisma when dealing with beings who know their artificial nature (and aren’t constructs themselves).
Regular Maintenance (Racial, Major) – Soulmechs must pay maintenance costs like robots (see Maintenance SFC 37). Remember that PC Soulmechs are Wild Cards when calculating base cost.
Curious (Major) – It killed the cat, and it might kill your hero as well. Curious characters are easily dragged into any adventure. They have to check out everything and always want to know what’s behind a potential mystery.
Driven (Minor) -A vow is a commitment to others. Driven characters want something for themselves. It may be to protect the realm, become a decorated officer, prove you’re the best gladiator in Rome, or the best pilot in the galactic fleet. The Minor version shapes the character and pushes his decisions but either happens rarely or is fairly harmless.
Quirk (Minor) – Your hero has some minor foible that is usually humorous, but can occasionally cause him trouble. Bishop carries a rubber ball that he will either bounce of surfaces or squeezes like a stress ball when idle.

Construct (Racial) – Soulmechs add + 2 to recover from being Shaken, don’t breathe or sleep, ignore one level of wound modifiers, and are immune to poison, disease and physical necromatic effects. Soulmechs cannot heal naturally. To heal one requires the Repair skill—which is used like the Healing skill only with no “Golden Hour.”
Flesh is Weak (Racial) – Soulmechs begin with a d6 Strength attribute instead of a d4.
Machine Speed (Racial) – A soulmech’s body is capable of moving extremely fast. They begin the game with a + 2 to their Pace and a running die of d8.
Mods (Racial) – While soulmechs may not use cyber or spellware, they may purchase Modifications from the Robot Modifications Table (SFC 38). Like all robots, they have 5 Mod slots. (The Geared Up Edge, SFC 12, might help you afford these upgrades.) GMs should not normally allow characters to take Increase Size beyond + 3 or the hero will no longer fit into most adventures. Soulmechs may remove or install a Mod with a Repair roll and 1d3 hours (half that with a raise). A critical failure means the Mod is destroyed and must be replaced.
Alertness (Background, Minor) – Not much gets by your hero. He’s very observant and perceptive, and adds + 2 to his Notice rolls to hear, see, or otherwise sense the world around him.
Dodge_ – The hero can anticipate attacks or move erratically under fire. Unless the victim of a surprise attack and taken completely unaware, Dodge subtracts 2 from all ranged attacks made against the character. Dodge does not stack with actual cover, however.
Martial_Artist_ – This character is highly trained in hand-to-hand fighting. He is never considered unarmed in combat and so is never subject to the Unarmed Defender rule (page 76). With a successful unarmed attack, he adds d4 to his Strength roll (as if he were using a small weapon).
Level_Headed_ – This character draws an additional action card and takes the better of the two.
Elan_-When you spend a Benny to reroll a Trait, add +2 to the total. The bonus applies only when rerolling. It doesn’t apply to damage rolls (since they’re not Trait rolls), nor does it apply to Soak rolls unless you’re using another Benny to reroll the Vigor check.


Cyber Deck: A high-end, portable computer built for hacking. Characters can’t generally hack a system without one unless they’re able to log into a dedicated station. A fully-loaded deck with the latest security cracks costs three times as much but adds +2 to the hacker’s Knowledge (Computers) rolls. (2 lb, $1000) Total 3k

Personal Data Device (PDD): A personal computer with 100 TB of storage plus connections to beamed data and update services. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from armbands to tablets. In addition to normal app functions it adds +4 to Knowledge (Electronics) rolls made for Common Knowledge checks. (1 lb, $500)

Large Toolkit with scavanger edge. Chance to find any needed parts or tool for a given situation

Robotic Mods:
1. Armor (U): +2 Armor. 1 $5K
2. Attribute (U): Increase an attribute a die type (Agility d4>d6). 5/1 $5K
3. Attribute (U): Increase an attribute a die type (Agility d6>d8). 5/1 $5K
4. Attribute (U): Increase an attribute a die type (Vigor d4>d6). 5/1 $5K
5. Attribute (U): increase an attribute a die type (Strength d6>d8). 5/1 $5K
6. Attribute (U): increase an attribute a die type (Strength d8>d10). 5/1 $5K
7. Sensor Suite (1): This functions as the Sensor Suite, Medium (page 16). 1 $5K
8. Data Jack (1): A standard jack to interface with other electronics. This grants +4 to any Knowledge rolls made to use or access the device. — $1K
9. Stealth System (1): Chameleon skin, heat baffles, radar scramblers, and other devices make the robot difficult to detect by vision or sensors. Those trying to detect or attack the robot subtract 4 from their rolls. The effect is triggered as a free action, but is negated any round in which the robot fires a weapon or emits some other non-cloakable signal such as radio signal or active sensor search. 2 $20K
Total $56k

flechette gun $600 (5 flechette packs $150) Total: $750
gyrojet rifle $600 (10 armor piecing (AP10), 10 boomer, 10 heat seeker, 10 rocket $300) Total $900
grenades (4 frag $200, 2 smoke normal $100, 4 smoke that affect energy weapons $400) total $700
Total: $2,350

_Common, Draconic, Draconic Sign Language, Drow Sign Language, Elven, gnome



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