Lord AcRei Burü C'Ge "Pei'Fa"

Personal Assistant to Dr. Rose



Lord AcRei Burü C’Ge aka “Pei’Fa”

Male Half-Dragon (Blue/Drow); Age: 92; Height: 6’ 5"; Weight: 320 lbs.
Rank: Seasoned (XP: 30)

Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d10, Vigor d8, Wealth d6, Debt: 0.

Climbing d4, Fighting (Martial) d10, Healing d4, Intimidation d4, Notice d8, Persuasion d4, Psionics d4, Stealth d4, Streetwise d4, Throwing (Grenades) d6.

Charisma: 2 Pace: 8 (+d10) Parry: 8 Toughness: 8 (2)

Draconic Arrogance (Racial, Major) – Your hero doesn’t think he’s the best – he knows he is. Whatever it is – swordsmanship, kung fu, running – few compare to his skills and he flaunts it every chance he gets. Winning just isn’t enough for your hero. He must completely dominate his opponent. Anytime there is even a shadow of a doubt as to who is better, they must humiliate their opponent and prove they can snatch victory any time they wish. They are the kind of combatant who disarms an opponent in a duel just so they can pick the sword up and hand it back with a smirk. Arrogant heroes always look for the “boss” in battle, attacking lesser minions only if they get in the way.
Draconic Avarice (Racial, Minor) – Your dragon blood calls out to you to measure your worth in treasure. As per the minor hindrance Greedy from the SWD, half-dragons will argue bitterly over any loot acquired during play and will often allow opportunities to gain treasure to influence their decisions.
Dragon’s Conceit (Racial, Major) – A half-dragon gets their ego from their dragon parent – there’s nothing out there they can’t defeat. At least that’s what half-dragons tend to think. They believe they can do most anything and never want to retreat from a challenge. They are not suicidal, but they certainly tend to take on more than common sense dictates.
Wanted (Minor, Noetic Order) – This order of psionic ascetics seek out Pei’Fa for questioning regarding the theft of one of their holy relics.
Clueless (Major) – Your hero isn’t as aware of his world as most others. He suffers – 2 to Common Knowledge rolls.
All Thumbs (Minor) – Some people just aren’t good with modern devices. Characters with this drawback suffer a – 2 penalty to the Repair skill at all times. In addition, when a hero uses a mechanical or electronic device, a roll of 1 on his skill die (regardless of his Wild Die) means the device is broken. The damage usually requires a Repair roll at –2 and 1d6 hours to fix.

Draconic Hide (Racial) – Half-dragons may appear mortal, but they partake of their dragon parent’s hardiness. Their thick hide counts as + 2 Armor.
Dragon’s Presence (Racial) – Half-dragons, whether beautiful or hideous, are fascinating to mortals. They gain + 2 to Charisma.
Draconic Might (Racial) – Half-dragons begin with a d8 in Strength and may raise it to a d12 + 2 via normal advancement; the Professional and Expert Edges may raise it to a d12 + 4.
Infravision (Racial) – A half-dragon detects and “sees” heat, either through eyes or other sensory organs. This allows it to halve penalties for bad lighting when attacking creatures that radiate heat.
Never Unarmed (Racial) – Half-dragons have claws and sharp teeth that cause Str + d6 damage. They never count as an unarmed defender.
Acrobat (Professional) – Those who have formal training in the acrobatic arts or are naturally agile may take this Edge. It adds + 2 to all Agility rolls made to perform acrobatic maneuvers (including Trick maneuvers), and also adds + 1 to a character’s Parry as long as he has no encumbrance penalty.
Fleet Footed (Background) – The hero’s Pace is increased by + 2 and he rolls a d10 instead of a d6 when running.
Quick Draw (Combat) – This Edge allows a hero to draw a weapon as a free action (and thus ignore the usual – 2 multi-action penalty if he chooses to fire as well). If the character must make an Agility roll to draw a weapon (see page 66), he adds + 2 to the roll.
Energy Resistance (Racial) – Your dragon blood is not as diluted as most, You receive a + 4 bonus to resist a single negative environmental effect, such as heat, cold, lack of air, radiation, etc., based on the species of your dragon parent . This also counts as + 4 Armor against attacks based on that element. A blue half-dragon’s energy resistance is Electricity.
Bodyguard (Combat) – When declaring a Defend maneuver, one adjacent ally of your choice also benefits from the + 2 Parry bonus (although this doesn’t stack if they’re using the same maneuver themselves). Furthermore, you are treated as medium cover against any ranged attacks targeting the person you’re protecting.
Arcane Background (Psionics) Power Points (15)

  • Deflection: Cost 2 pp; Range touch; Duration 3 (1/rnd); Deflection actually deflects incoming attacks, misdirecting incoming melee and missile attacks from the user. With a standard success, attackers must subtract 2 from any Fighting, Shooting, or other attack rolls directed at the user. A raise increases the penalty to – 4. This also acts as Armor against area effect weapons.
  • Environmental Protection: Cost 2 pp; Range touch; Duration 1 hour (1/hour); This power wraps the target in a telekinetic form-fitting bubble, allowing the target to breathe, speak, and move at his normal Pace while in one normally harmful environment, such as underwater, a zero-G vacuum, the lava of a volcano, or even the heat of the sun. Pressure, atmosphere, air, etc, are all provided for. The power does not protect against attacks with similar trappings though. A fire attack still causes normal damage, for example. With a raise on the casting roll, maintaining the power becomes 1 Power Point per two hours. Additional Targets: The character may affect up to five targets by spending a like amount of additional Power Points.
  • Telekinesis: Cost 5 pp; Range Smarts; Duration 3 (1/rnd); Telekinesis is the ability to move a single object or creature (including one’s self) with arcane will. The weight a caster can lift is equal to 10 pounds times his Spirit die type, 50 pounds times his Spirit with a raise. .

Brainburn: When a psionic character rolls a 1 on their Psionics die (regardless of their Wild Die), they are automatically Shaken. On a critical failure, the psi lets out a psychic scream that causes them to be Shaken along with all allies in a Large Burst Template who fail a Spirit roll. This can cause a wound.

Power Points (Power) This Edge grants an additional 5 Power Points.

Gear: A variety of grenades (SFC20): 7 EMP, 7 Fragmentation, 2 Smoke, 7 Thermal; CR100, three custom Laserballs, 26 Psi-Riken (PUSG37), Dagger, Tanzenite collar(PUSG38), bag of holding, combat armor, notebook, subdermal armor(1), trauma sybiote, stun baton, Broach of resistance greater, Cloak of shadow greater, 8 derm patches, carbon fiber mala, and Nightvine.

Languages: Common d8, Draconic d8, Sylvan d8.

Quote: “Namaste – motherfucker!”

Items List:

Tanzanite collar – 200
Bag of holding – 2500
Psi riken – x26 – 675
Combat armor – 800
Laser balls – 33000
Book and pen of never running out – 50
Sub dermal armor – 3000
Trauma symbiote – 6000
Stun baton – x3 – 1500
Grenades – x17 – 850
Flash bang grenades – x15 – 750
Molecular knife – x4 – 400
Mala carbon fiber (psi whip) – 1000
Left handed glove – 2000
Psi amplifier – 250
I beam – 0
5000 ball bearings various sizes – 50
30lbs iron shavings – 0
30 jars of flour – 0
30 jars oil lube – 0
30 jars flammable fuel – 0
30 jars liquid sealer – 0
3 cans axle grease – 0
1000 nuts and bolts – 0
4 giant ninja stars – 100 extra damage?
100 steel spikes – 10
300 ft. Carbon fiber rope – 25
12 kusari – 25
Dem patch of healing – x8 – 400
Dem patch of unrestricted movement – x3 – 1200
12 Metsubishi – 25
Wall climbers – 300
Various hand cuffs and binders – 100
Specimen containers various sizes – 0
Psi baton – x3 – 150
Plasma pistol – 0
Head band of intelligence – 4000
Hand flamer – 500

59860 spent
140 left


Was given up to monastery by drow mother for his father Baron Denthanus Ulhar to raise. WIP

Raised by monks who received stipend from dragon sire. Never really got the whole ‘inner peace’ thing.

AcRei Burü C’Ge’s Father: Baron Denthanus Ulhar AcRei Burü C’Ge’s Half brother: Lord Kugahr Erdeg

Nightvine, Cunning of the Lone Warrior

Lord AcRei Burü C'Ge "Pei'Fa"

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