Caervek the Corrupter

Overly ambitious black dragon


Deceased Gargantuan Black Wyrm


History tells of a proud black wyrm who fought in a duel to the death with the ancient red Carillion’s Fury. Their battle is said to have lasted over 2 full days, destroying the local environment and sending tremors throughout the countryside. Situated on an outlying speck of the Altara Domain, the fight occurred almost 100 years before the rise of Mezzenbone.

In an early advantage the black crushed the left arm and destroyed left wing of his red opponent. Caeveck eagerly capitalized on his advantage of aerial maneuverability. However at the last moment using powerful innate ability the red took to the skies on a wing seemingly composed of magic. From a mid air grapple the pair plummeted to the surface breaking the great black’s neck. As a sign of contempt the victor even had his battle scars fully recovered by way of magic stating the duel wasn’t even worth remembering.

In the present day a rumor has surfaced of a drow calling himself the ‘Last Scion of Caervek’.

Caervek the Corrupter

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