Lord Serpentce Z'Entropyse Augenmanthias

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Lord Serpentce Z’Entropyse Augenmanthias

Male Half-Dragon (Red/Lizard Folk); Age: ??; Height: 5’1"; Weight: 160
Rank: Seasoned (XP: 30)

Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d4, Wealth d6/d6.

Spellcasting (Wizard) (S) d6; Athletic (A) d6; Common Knowledge (S) d4; Fighting (A) d6; Healing (S) d4; Science (Data Analytics) d8; Notice (S) d4; Persuasion (Sp) d4; Research (S) d6; Repair (S) d4; Stealth (A) d8;

Pace: 6 (+d6) Parry: 5 Size: 0 Toughness: 9

Draconic Arrogance (Racial, Major) – Your hero doesn’t think he’s the best – he knows he is. Whatever it is – swordsmanship, kung fu, running – few compare to his skills and he flaunts it every chance he gets. Winning just isn’t enough for your hero. He must completely dominate his opponent. Anytime there is even a shadow of a doubt as to who is better, they must humiliate their opponent and prove they can snatch victory any time they wish. They are the kind of combatant who disarms an opponent in a duel just so they can pick the sword up and hand it back with a smirk. Arrogant heroes always look for the “boss” in battle, attacking lesser minions only if they get in the way.
Draconic Avarice (Racial, Minor) – Your dragon blood calls out to you to measure your worth in treasure. As per the minor hindrance Greedy from the SWD, half-dragons will argue bitterly over any loot acquired during play and will often allow opportunities to gain treasure to influence their decisions.
Dragon’s Conceit (Racial, Major) – A half-dragon gets their ego from their dragon parent – there’s nothing out there they can’t defeat. At least that’s what half-dragons tend to think. They believe they can do most anything and never want to retreat from a challenge. They are not suicidal, but they certainly tend to take on more than common sense dictates.
Literally Cold Blooded (Minor) -Lizardfolk originated in hot, steamy swamps and suffer a -4 penalty to resist any environmental effects or attacks related to cold. If subject to a cold based attack, the penalty also acts as a bonus to damage.
Small (Major) -Your character is either very skinny, very short, or both relative to his particular race. Subtract 1 from his _Toughness.
Mean (Minor) – This curmudgeon is ill-tempered and disagreeable. He has trouble doing anything kind for anyone else, must be paid for his troubles, and doesn’t accept awards or favors graciously. Besides the obvious roleplaying issues, Mean characters subtract 1 from Persuasion rolls.
Driven (Minor) – Wants to work to dethrone Emperor Mezzenbone.

Draconic Hide (Racial) – Half-dragons may appear mortal, but they partake of their dragon parent’s hardiness. Their thick hide counts as + 2 Armor.
Scaley Hide – Lizardfolk have thick, scaley hide that grants them + 2 Armor.
Semi-Aquatic (Racial) – Lizardfolk can hold their breath for 15 minutes before checking for drowning.
Dragon’s Presence (Racial) switched for Connections (Racial replacement- Social) – Lord Serpentce is a member of both The Imperial Society of Arcane Magic and The Guild of Scientific Spellcraft and can get occasionally get assistance from contacts within one of these two organizations (usually once per game session).
Draconic Might (Racial) – Half-dragons begin with a d8 in Strength and may raise it to a d12 + 2 via normal advancement; the Professional and Expert Edges may raise it to a d12 + 4.
Infravision (Racial) – A half-dragon detects and “sees” heat, either through eyes or other sensory organs. This allows it to halve penalties for bad lighting when attacking creatures that radiate heat.
Linguist (free) – 1/2 Smarts (4 languages, Draconic, Common, Lizardman, Binary).
Novice Wizard (Spellcaster, base) – You are able to prepare and cast 2 Novice spells and 4 Cantrips per day. Choose 4 Novice spells to add to your spellbook. Your caster rank is Novice when casting wizard spells.
Assassin (Professional, base) – Assassins are trained killers who know how to kill with deadly precision — if they can properly approach their prey. Assassins add + 2 to any damage roll where they strike a foe unawares (even with ranged attacks).
Arcane Resistance (Background) – This individual is particularly resistant to magic (including psionics, weird science, etc.), whether by nature or by heritage. He acts as if he had 2 points of Armor when hit by damage-causing arcane powers, and adds + 2 to his Trait rolls when resisting opposed powers. Even friendly arcane powers must subtract this modifier to affect the resistant hero.
Improved Arcane Resistance (Background) – As above, Armor & resistance increased to 4.
Seasoned Wizard (Spellcaster) – You are now able to prepare and cast 2 Seasoned spells and 4 spells of each lower rank per day. Choose 4 more spells of up to Seasoned rank to add to your spellbook. Your caster rank is now Seasoned when casting wizard spells.
Veteran Wizard (Magic) – You are now able to prepare and cast 2 Veteran spells and 4 spells of each lower rank per day. Choose 4 more spells of up to Veteran rank to add to your spellbook. Your caster rank is now Veteran when casting wizard spells.
Motionless Caster (Magic) – You’ve learned to visualize the form of your spells, rather than shaping them in the air with your hands. You no longer need to make gestures when casting spells.
Silent Caster (Magic) – You’ve learned to form the words of your spells within your mind, rather than speaking them out loud. You no longer need to speak incantations when casting spells.
Internal Casting (Magic) -You’ve learned to filter your spells through your own body, rather than relying on physical props. You no longer need to use foci or spell components when casting spells, unless their cost exceeds 50 gold pieces.

Caster Rank: Veteran (Wizard)
Wizard Spells Slots per Day: 4/4/4/2
Prepared Cantrips: Decipher Magic, Prestidigitation, Telekinetic Touch, Touch of Weariness
Prepared Novice Spells: _Arcane Cyberjack, Assimilate, _____________, Power Down_
Prepared Seasoned Spells: Brilliant Energy Touch, Detect Surveillance, Electro Magic Pulse, Essuriance
Prepared Veteran Spells: Chain Lightning, Control High Tech Devices

Cantrips: Acid Orb, Aegis, Arcane Signature, Dazzle, Decipher Magic, Flash, Ghostly Lights, Ghostly Sound, Jet of Flame, Light, Mend Object, Open/Close Portal, Prestidigitation, Ray of Cold, Ray of Light, Sense Magic, Sense Poison, Telekinetic Touch, Touch of Weariness, Whispered Message
Novice: Arcane Cyberjack, Assimilate, Mind Reading, Power Down
Seasoned: Brilliant Energy Touch, Detect Surveillance, Electro Magic Pulse, Essuriance
Veteran: Chain Lightning, Control High Tech Devices, Enter the Datastream, Wall of Force


Cyber and Spellware (Strain: 2/4)
Magic Sense (1) – This enhancement involves arcane modification of specific regions of the character’s brain, as well as the optic nerves and eyes. It allows the user to Sense Magic (SVM128) at will.
Fascinating Gaze (1) – This enhancement involves more runic surgery to the cornea, and allow user to cast Hypnotism (SVM 96) once per day (additional uses per day may be used at the cost of a benny).
Diplomats board- + 2 circumstance bonus to related skill checks that depend primarily on information. The board’s datapad functions come hard-wired with datachips for the Imperial Encyclopedia (Knowledge: geography and history), Taxinom’s Universal Etiquette (Diplomacy), and the Unification Bible (Knowledge: religion). A datachip port can download the contents of up to 10 additional programs. An integrated comm modem and hardwired port also allow data transmission and information download.
Behavior analyser + 2 circumstance bonus on Sense Motive checks, but also assists the language context program to provide appropriate translations.
Codebreaker- + 4 circumstance bonus on Open Lock and Disable Device checks involving electronic locks, computers, and security systems that rely on alphanumeric passcodes. The program must typically be run on a datapad or other computer device with a wireless modem or dataport capable of linking to the targeted system.
Decryption software- + 10 circumstance bonus on Cryptography checks to decipher encrypted data
Encryption software- This is the standard, commercially available software designed to encrypt private data and communications. The program allows even untrained users to automatically encrypt data. The program comes with a variety of decryption keys and simple routines that allow the user to create new ones. Characters with access to a decryption key can automatically decrypt data encoded using that key.
Lifeform database- The database is by no means comprehensive, focusing on species that are likely to be of interest to professionals in the field, whether explorers, scientists, military personnel, or adventurers. + 2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge checks related to identi- fying and evaluating a wide variety of creatures.
Personal assistant- is a lifelike personality that acts as an agent. It can handle messages perform complex commands, and otherwise manage a data system for a character_
Searchbot- Research skill bonus of + 10 and can run autonomous searches for data on a wide variety of networks
Software library- program new software. software library grants a + 10 circumstance bonus on Use Device checks to create new programs.
Cyber Deck fully loaded- A high-end, portable computer built for hacking. Characters can’t generally hack a system without one unless they’re able to log into a dedicated station. A fully-loaded deck with the latest security cracks costs three times as much but adds + 2 to the hacker’s Knowledge (Computers) rolls.
Personal data device- A personal computer with 100 TB of storage plus connections to beamed data and update services. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from armbands to tablets. In addition to normal app functions it adds + 4 to Electronics rolls made for Common Knowledge checks.
Runevisor- Augments the user’s vision and hearing to better understand the true nature and interaction of spells and technology. The runevisor provides a + 4 circumstance bonus on Disable Device, Knowledge (arcana), Repair, Research, Spellcraft, Use Device, and Use Magic Device checks for tasks relating to the interface of magic and technology.
The visor also obscures one’s normal vision and hearing. The wearer suffers a – 2 penalty on other vision- and hearing-based skills (Listen, Read Lips, Search, Sense Motive, and Spot), has a – 2 penalty to all attack rolls, and loses his Dexterity bonus to Armor Class.
Sensor suite- Optical, chemical, motion, and other active sensors ignore illumination penalties and add + 2 to Notice rolls made to detect designated types of targets such as biological beings, chemical signatures, metal, etc. The targets do not have to be visible, though dense materials may cause inaccurate or false readings at the GM’s discretion. Small sets are handheld and have a range of 50 yards.
Anycard- Any-card: At first glance, the anycard just looks like a dull gray piece of rigid leather in the shape of a standard ID card. When held, the anycard’s surface reflects the image of a particular identity badge the user focuses on in her mind.
The user can only reproduce IDs she has examined before, displaying images of individuals with which she is familiar—she must make a Forgery check (DC 15) to successfully recall the details of a specific identity badge. The difference between the check result and the DC becomes a modifier that affects her subsequent Concentration checks.
For example, a Forgery check result of 18 grants a + 3 bonus to her Concentration checks for that particular ID; a Forgery check result of 10 imposes a – 5 penalty on such Concentration checks.
To initially mold the card surface to a specific ID, the user must make a DC 25 Concentration check. Even if the user fails this check, the card still reflects a general ID, but not a very accurate one. The difference between the DC and the actual check result becomes a bonus or penalty to anyone trying to determine if the document is a forgery.
The any-card retains an ID image as long as it remains within the user’s natural bioelectrical field, usually in her hand or clipped to her clothing. It proves adequate for passing routine security checks where one simply displays an ID, but it becomes risky under more intense scrutiny. If it leaves the bearer’s grasp, it goes blank and awaits new neural signals to trigger its capabilities.
The any-card doesn’t work in electronic card readers or other mechanical input devices. It functions solely as a means of reflecting images of documents from the user’s mind.
Only the Edgecrafters of Kalibrig know the true origins of the extraordinary anycard, but most believe it consists of a section of doppelganger skin stretched over a thin mithral core two inches wide and three inches long. The essential materials come from the Dark Zone, retrieved by daring adventurers willing to brave that mysterious region’s many horrors.
These items rarely find their way into conventional markets. Those willing to bargain with the Edgecrafters of Kalibrig—or retrieve the necessary materials—can purchase them outright. Others must deal with the criminal underworld, shadow operatives, or sinister envoys with hidden agendas and strange requests for payment. Members of the intelligence community treasure anycards as extremely helpful tools during operations. Rumors claim deep-cover ISPD agents use them with practiced ease to gain access to sensitive facilities and infiltrate secure fortresses.
Dampsuit- A dampening suit uses sonic technology to mute sound around the wearer. The suit can be set to negate only specific sounds or all sounds within 10 feet of the wearer. Entertainers wearing dampsuits can produce interesting effects, such as muting all sounds coming from them except for their voice. A damp suit provides a + 4 to stealth rolls detection by sound. If set to area effect, it can also make communication and spellcasting difficult near the wearer. The suit works well underwater, granting a + 4 circumstance bonus against sonic detection. 12 hours contiuous use.
Folding viewport- The folding viewport consists of a round or square cloth two feet across imbued with elements of the clairvoyance spell. Woven from silk and spun flexiglass and decorated with an embroidered border, it frequently passes as a scarf or shawl. The cloth naturally adheres to relatively flat surfaces (walls, floors bulkheads) when spread against them, and allows one to see up to three feet through the solid barrier into the space beyond, assuming proper lighting conditions exist there.
Vision is limited by the smoothness of the surface to which the viewport is applied. Clarity depends on the cloth’s fit over the barrier; a smooth surface reveals a well-focused scene, while rocky or uneven walls show blurred or warped views. Conditions on the other side of the wall also determine the quality of vision. Magically enhanced senses do not work through it. Lead or magical defenses can block vision, just as with the clairaudience/clairvoyance spell. The viewport indicates whether lead, magic, or simply the thickness of the obstruction prevents the device from working properly. Since it only enables vision through solids, spells cannot successfully be cast through the viewport unless the spell properties themselves can pass through walls. The folding view-port does not allow for transmission of sound from the viewed space unless it would naturally pass through the barrier.
Although it doesn’t create a corresponding window on the other side, or employ a magical sensor near the subject like the clairvoyance spell itself, the view-port’s eerie qualities can cause uneasy and suspicious feelings within those visible through its field. Subjects who make a Spot check (DC 25) recognize that someone is watching them, though they cannot immediately determine whether by electronic or magical means.
The folding viewport requires no magical ability to use. Although one can fold, store, wash and even crease it, the viewport ceases to function if its threads become damaged; it has 2 hit points and hardness 1 for purposes of resolving damage inflicted against it,
Although the drow of the ISPD frequently rely on their own clairvoyance spells to keep tabs on suspects, they sometimes equip Imperial Police units undertaking surveillance or undercover operations with folding viewports to surreptitiously observe their quarry. Some security installations also install stationary versions of the folding viewport manufactured entirely from flexiglass for observation purposes (these have the same cost and hit point value as the viewport), though these are not easily portable._
Molecular Blade (Shortsword)- Edged weapons such as daggers or swords can be given a monofilament, “molecular,” or extremely thin edge, making them far sharper than usual. This gives the weapon + 2 damage and adds half its damage die type in AP (+ 2 AP for a d4, + 4 AP for a d8, and so on). Molecular blades require no power.
Shatter gloves of Ambidexterous Speed- (IS pg 50) The shatter glove combines the protective features of an armored gauntlet with the destructive power of a high-intensity, modulated sonic disruptor. The gauntlet laces up the wearer’s forearm to reinforce its conventional punch, but the glove’s real danger lurks beneath the palm and finger pads. These function as tympanic conductors for a short-range sonic blast modulator. When activated, rapidly fluctuating sonic waves disassemble molecular bonds and weaken items within the gauntlet’s grasp. Metal goes brittle, glass shatters, electronic devices short circuit, and flesh simply disassembles itself into a gooey mess. The sonic field’s short range limits its effectiveness to melee encounters.
The wearer need only make a successful melee attack roll to activate the glove. The weapon deals Str + 1d6 AP 2.
Catching an opponent’s weapon in the gauntlet inflicts the shatter glove’s normal damage against the grasped weapon. 25 hits with the sonic disruptor before recharge/ new power cell. Failed attacks do not drain the glove’s charges.
The shatter glove is anything but subtle. The sonic blast modulator emits a crackling boom when activated. Its effects frequently generate harsh noise, from the shrieks of shattering blades to the screams of those who experience the glove’s extremely gruesome application against flesh. Many planetary governments outlaw shatter gloves, though they easily pass as traditional gauntlets and many come covered with fine decoration to further mask their true purpose. Many civilized soldiers disdain this ignominious weapon, but orc commanders of mercenary companies and shipboard security personnel favor the shock glove for its hidden advantage and its effectiveness in close combat.
Ambidextrous (Edge)- Your hero is as deft with his left hand as he is with his right. Characters normally suffer a –2 penalty when performing physical tasks with the off-hand (characters are assumed to be right-handed). With this Edge, your warrior ignores the –2 penalty for using his off-hand (see page 75).
Speed (+3): This weapon allows you to make an additional attack when using it to perform an attack action. When you use this ability, roll an extra Fighting die with your attack roll, and apply a –1 penalty to all of your attacks for the turn.
Stone of Boosting (Vigor + 3)- A stone of boosting is a semi-precious stone of varying shape imbued with the power to increase attributes. Each stone has a small hole through it, and must be worn around the neck. Attunement:2
Ring of Mastery (Vigor)- The wearer of this diamond-encrusted gold ring uses a d10 for his Wild Die with regard to one trait, chosen during the creation process. The GM should determine the trait. Attunement:1
Ring of Invisibility- These silver bands are marked with runes of concealment. On activation the wearer becomes transparent, leaving only a faint outline. A character may detect his presence if he has a reason to look and makes a Notice roll at –4. Once detected, he may attack his foe at –4 as well.
Arcanists Vest- (GttG) This + 1 armor vest is incredibly light and extremely thin and can be worn under normal clothing without revealing its presence. The armor has a 0% chance of arcane spell failure, and this makes it a sought-after item among arcane spell casters.
Psionic Shield: A skullcap woven with circuitry that blocks psionic a acks, granting the user + 4 to resistance rolls or Armor versus psionic attacks. This stacks with the Arcane Resistance Edge.
Rebreather: A face mask that provides 12 hours of breathable air and adds + 2 to resist harmful gases or harmful atmospheres. If the atmosphere contains the being’s required air (such as oxygen), the rebreather can run indefinitely by simply filtering out harmful gases instead.
Standard EMP grenade: (5) Standard issue in the Legions, these squat cylinders are meant for use with rifle-mounted grenade launchers. They are also quite handy for demolitions. The first damage listed is fire damage. The second listed is EMP damage applied only to electric or electronic devices or components.

“I am Petty! Deal with it!"

Common d8, Draconic d8, Thieve’s Cant d8, Drow Sign Language d8, Digital d4


Membership in both The Imperial Society of Arcane Magic and The Guild of Scientific Spellcraft

Lord Serpentce Z'Entropyse Augenmanthias

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