Motes in the Serpent's Eye

Captain's Log II

Adventure Recap

Captain’s Log; RES Speaks Softly, 5041.107:0730 I.E; Captain Ni Shen Xau recording.
The Speaks Softly has been the target of a murderous sabotage attempt. One of her repair bots was modified to insert a computer virus into the Starcaster AstroNav, designed to scramble coordinate calculations and thereby forcing a teleport mishap. It seems likely that this was done sometime during the refit at Andrin Station, but we can only conjecture at this time. A second virus was placed in the life support system, its purpose to cause a CO2 scrubber failure within hours after a mis-jump. This makes it pretty clear that the intent was to destroy the ship and crew. Only chance, the quick reactions of my crew and a little blessing from the Twelve prevented the saboteur’s complete success. We emerged from our teleport in an unknown system, at the fringe of a stellar corona, sustaining heavy damage from the solar radiation. The Speaks Softly is currently safe and relatively intact, but lost and temporarily stranded until repairs can be affected. We have multiple minor casualties, but no fatalities, thank The Mother. Second Engineer Scrapnik Fritzwhindle suffered serious injuries, however, and is not currently fit for duty. Special commendations to Chief Engineer Bishop-1, First Helmsman Ereyie Wel, Dr. Nodagil Maaran of the Science Team, Quarter Master Lady Kotonaru and Lord Serpentce Z’Entropyse Augenmanthias for their actions during the critical minutes after the mishap. Without their quick thinking the Speaks Softly could easily have been lost with all hands or at the very least casualties would have been more serious. The crew have worked through the night shift to assess the full extent of our damage. A full damage report has been filed. Navigator Telliar Killaen has reported that after searching all night she has finally located a recognized navigational marker star and should have our exact location shortly. The marker is a pulsar designated Manticore N-273, which likely puts us in the outer portion of Domain Osorus, possibly as far out as the Coreward Reach. With our sensors impaired, we are currently only able to get incomplete information on the system, but we have identified a tundra class habitable world. There are no signs of a technically advanced civilization present. We have also picked up an unidentified radio beacon originating from a gas giant in far solar obit, Flight Officer Yevon Si and Sensors Tech Samai Wolff both concur that the origin is likely a station in orbit around the gas giant. We are running silent until we have more information regarding to who or what the station may belong. For all we know, it may be an illegal gas mining operation, or a pirate or smuggler base of operations. I’ll not put the ship and crew in further peril until we are in better shape for a possible fight. I’ve ordered mandatory sack time for the majority of the crew so we all have clear heads to focus on getting the Speaks Softly back on her feet. End entry.

Personal Log; 5041.107:0740 I.E
Someone tried to kill my ship and crew. And they came damned close. This wasn’t a fight, it was an out and out assassination attempt. I. Am. Seriously. Pissed. Off. The potential fallout from Dr. Rose’s little expedition far exceeds what I originally supposed – someone out there is determined that her research does not reach completion. And you can be damn well certain that their next shot at us will be even nastier. We’ve got some breathing room though – whoever they are, they have no way of knowing that we survived – for now. It was sheer dumb luck we didn’t wind up inside a star or a million light years in the void instead of just on the other side of the Empire, gasping out our last on carbon dioxide. Still, there are enough indications that this entire mission was put together by a coalition of factions, which means they might not all be entirely on board with the mission. Baronet Gemshadow is Rose’s sponsor, so its likely that anything from him is on our side – he could have just had her research suppressed long ago if he were set against it. But the other Qesemet Houses that are involved might just be playing a long game. And with all the other potential players entangled in this I think it safe to consider any data security out the airlock, so we might have Asamet or an aristocorp involved as well. The ship’s company was already looking at each other sideways before the mis-jump, now I can see them beginning to eye one another with a glint of suspicion. The old crew is solid, I’d bet my life on it – Hell, I have a few times already. But what about the new crew? Durendal is straight from Gemshadow, so I think I can trust him. My gut tells me Nenoic is trustworthy even if my head says not, so that means Kotonaru is probably clean as well. Bishop, Zanogg, Greensleeves and Telliar are the potential weak spots, if I was going to insert someone on the crew, it’d be one of them. The drow is way too obvious – I think he’s here to distract from the real spy, if there is one, or to be the potential fall guy if it all hits the fan. The clown car of a science team is way too screwed up for me to tell yet. The only one I can be sure of there is Dr. Rose herself, which I find immensely irritating. Maybe her bodyguard, but he’s another whole bundle of badly packed explosives. I’m going to have to keep my eyes open and my cards close – like I’m playing Doc Keystone for stakes.



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