The Warrior

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Spheres: Battle, Fate, Law, Magic, Strength
Symbol: A greatsword

The Warrior is the deitype of strength, valor, battle, and warfare. He does not represent battle for the sake of bloodlust or destruction, but rather for defense and preservation or as a test of courage and skill-at-arms. For the Warrior and those who follow him, there is glory to be won in combat but not in slaughter.

The Warrior is worshiped throughout the know galaxy by those who must put their lives in harm’s way. He is the patron of soldiers, mercenaries, lawmen, paladins, rangers, and fighting monks. Clerics of the Warrior serve as chaplains in the Imperial Legion and aboard the warships of the Imperial Navy. Non-military common folk rarely worship the Warrior, though they often offer prayers and sacrifices to him when war threatens to touch their lives.

The Warrior appears in many guises in different cultures. In the Dragon Empire, he is most often depicted as a knight clad in archaic armor and wielding his iconic greatsword. He may also appear as a master archer, a bird of prey, a black-clad horseman, or as some other culturally appropriate archetype.

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The Warrior

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