The Lover

Alignment: Neutral Good
Spheres: Beast, Good, Healing, Protection, Water
Symbol: A white dove

The Lover is both the object of ultimate desire and the personification of ideal beauty. She is often represented as the unattainable goal, but she is also the spouse or soulmate with whom you spend your life. In many cultures, she is also the muse, the font of creativity and the artistic impulse. Her aspects can also appear as deities of celebration, festivals, and wine.

Some are drawn to the hedonistic aspects of the Lover, reveling in the satisfaction of the desires of the flesh. She is also worshiped by those searching for love or romance, and she inspires and enriches the creations of bards and artists. Her clerics devote themselves and their temples to the glorification of beauty, art, and romantic love. The ancient temple in the holy city of Aani is one of the Empire’s great treasure houses of painting, sculpture, and other fine arts.

The Lover usually appears as a breathtakingly beautiful and seductive nymph, suggestively clothed. She is often depicted wrapped in bed-sheets or other diaphanous materials. Her eyes sparkle even in the darkest night, and her scent speaks of exotic and erotic treasures.

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The Lover

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