Starfarer's Chronograph

Time slowing stopwatch


Name: Starfarer’s Chronograph
Item: Chronograph watch
Powers: Level Headed, Improved Level Headed, Marksman, Raised Quickness
Trappings: distortion, altered reality
Effect: The wearer draws two additional action cards in combat and acts on the best of the draw.
The wearer may fire as if he took the aim maneuver if he does not move in the same turn he fires.
Raised Quickness: This power grants incredible swiftness to the recipient. The target has two separate turns per round on his action card instead of the usual one. Each turn is handled independently with its own actions, but the character must resolve one turn entirely before beginning the second. The recipient can redraw any initiative cards lower than Eight each round.
Price: $22,000 [2000 (level headed) * 2 + 4000 (marksman) + 14000 (raised quickness 3000 * 4 pp + 1000 * 2 rank)]
Ref: Fantasy Companion 57-58


Bio: This fully featured sports watch includes flyback function, tachymeter, multiple independent second hands, and multiple modes including a default where the buttons do nothing. Donning the watch activates it’s quickness power and gives the wearer the feeling of being trapped inside a second unmoving body while their mind accelerates to double speed. This occasionally has the side effect of making the user appear unnaturally still. Moving your body manually feels like walking through solid fog, but looks natural to the outside observer. By instead controlling the perceived second body, which responds at the speed of thought the real body will attempt to catch up like a puppet on a string. This accelerated motion causes subtle visible distortions outlining the affected movement.

Starfarer's Chronograph

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