Frozen Fingers

Enchanted gloves


Name: Frozen Fingers
Item: Microfiber fingerless gloves
Powers: Shooting + 3, Raised Smite
Trappings: Cold, Sensitivity
Effect: The weapons’ damage is increased by 4
Price: $10,000 [3000 (shooting) + 7000 (smite 3000 * 2 pp + 1000 * 1 rank)]
Ref: Fantasy Companion 57-58


Bio: These enchanted gloves always feel cool to the touch. In combat the smite power reduces the temperature of the striking surface or projectile without causing harm to the weapon or wielder. Not only does the fingerless design not interfere with the wearers trigger finger, the gloves magically enhance the hands sensitivity allowing greater accuracy while shooting. Additionally the wearers hands do not appear to have a pulse as all blood flow is regulated to a constant speed. The actual damage enhancement from these gloves comes not from the freezing cold (which is really more of a side effect) but the removal of all relative molecular inertia from the area. This is similar to how breaking a board secured firmly in place is easier than one free floating.

Frozen Fingers

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