Yevon Si

Flight Officer (3rd Mate)



Yevon Si

Female Human; Age: 30; Height: 5’ 1"; Weight: 125 lbs.

Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d10, Strength d6, Vigor d8


Charisma: Pace: (+d) Parry: Toughness:

Loyal (Minor) – Yevon Si may not be a hero, but she’d give her life for her crew mates. She will never leave someone behind if there’s any chance at all she could help.
Stubborn (Minor) – Yevon is a stubborn individual who always wants her way and has difficulty admitting when she’s wrong.

Brave (Background) – Those with this Edge have learned to master their fear. Or perhaps Yevon is just so emotionally distant she’s just lost her normal “fight or flight” responses. Either way, she adds + 2 to Fear tests.
No Mercy (Combat) – The character may spend a Benny to reroll any one damage roll, including those made for area effect attacks.
Nerves of Steel (Combat) – Yevon has learned to fight on through the most intense pain. She may ignore 1 point of wound penalties.





A young human woman, auburn-haired and green-eyed, slim and fit. Professional, and observant, with a cool demeanor, she possesses a razor-sharp sense of humor when she deems it appropriate to display.

Yevon Si

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