Lady Kotonaru

Quarter Master



Lady Vanskeligea “Kotonaru” Uklarhed Afdentomrum

Female Half-Dragon (Void); Age: ??; Height: ?; Weight: ?
Rank: Seasoned (XP: 30)

Agility d?, Smarts d?, Spirit d?, Strength d?, Vigor d?, Wealth d6, Debt: 0.


Charisma: ? Pace: ? (+d6) Parry: ? Toughness: ?

Draconic Arrogance (Racial, Major) – Your hero doesn’t think he’s the best – he knows he is. Whatever it is – swordsmanship, kung fu, running – few compare to his skills and he flaunts it every chance he gets. Winning just isn’t enough for your hero. He must completely dominate his opponent. Anytime there is even a shadow of a doubt as to who is better, they must humiliate their opponent and prove they can snatch victory any time they wish. They are the kind of combatant who disarms an opponent in a duel just so they can pick the sword up and hand it back with a smirk. Arrogant heroes always look for the “boss” in battle, attacking lesser minions only if they get in the way.
Draconic Avarice (Racial, Minor) – Your dragon blood calls out to you to measure your worth in treasure. As per the minor hindrance Greedy from the SWD, half-dragons will argue bitterly over any loot acquired during play and will often allow opportunities to gain treasure to influence their decisions.
Dragon’s Conceit (Racial, Major) – A half-dragon gets their ego from their dragon parent – there’s nothing out there they can’t defeat. At least that’s what half-dragons tend to think. They believe they can do most anything and never want to retreat from a challenge. They are not suicidal, but they certainly tend to take on more than common sense dictates.

Draconic Hide (Racial) – Half-dragons may appear mortal, but they partake of their dragon parent’s hardiness. Their thick hide counts as + 2 Armor.
Dragon’s Presence (Racial) – Half-dragons, whether beautiful or hideous, are fascinating to mortals. They gain + 2 to Charisma.
Draconic Might (Racial) – Half-dragons begin with a d8 in Strength and may raise it to a d12 + 2 via normal advancement; the Professional and Expert Edges may raise it to a d12 + 4.
Infravision (Racial) – A half-dragon detects and “sees” heat, either through eyes or other sensory organs. This allows it to halve penalties for bad lighting when attacking creatures that radiate heat.
Never Unarmed (Racial) – Half-dragons have claws and sharp teeth that cause Str + d6 damage. They never count as an unarmed defender.





Lady Kotonaru

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